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openAccess2011An open database ofgrape harvest dates for climate research: Data description and quality assessmentDaux, V.; Tardaguila, JavierArtículo
closedAccessNov-2012Assessment of vineyard water status variability by thermal and multispectral imagery using an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV)Baluja, Javier; Diago, Maria P.; Balda, Pedro; Zorer, Roberto; Meggio, Franco; Morales Iribas, Fermín; Tardaguila, JavierArtículo
openAccess2012Early leaf removal impact on volatile composition of Tempranillo winesVilanova de la Torre, María del Mar; Diago, Maria P.; Genisheva, Z.; Oliveira, Manuel; Tardaguila, JavierArtículo
closedAccess2010Effects of mechanical thinning on fruit and wine composition and sensory attributes of Grenache and Tempranillo varieties (Vitis vinifera L.).Diago, Maria P.; Vilanova de la Torre, María del Mar; Blanco, J. A.; Tardaguila, JavierArtículo
openAccess2008Effects of timing of leaf removal on yield, berry maturity, wine composition and sensory properties of CV. grenache grown under non irrigated conditionsTardaguila, Javier; Diago, Maria P.; Martínez de Toda, F.; Poni, Stefano; Vilanova de la Torre, María del MarArtículo
closedAccess2009Evaluation of the aroma descriptors variability in Spanish grape cultivars by a quantitative descriptive analysisVilanova de la Torre, María del Mar; Masa Vázquez, Antón; Tardaguila, JavierArtículo
closedAccessSep-2010Impact of Early Leaf Removal on Yield and Fruit and Wine Composition of Vitis vinifera L. Graciano and CarignanTardaguila, Javier; Martínez de Toda, F.; Poni, Stefano; Diago, Maria P.Artículo
openAccess2005El mercado del vino australianoVilanova de la Torre, María del Mar; Tardaguila, JavierArtículo
openAccess2012Phenolic composition of Tempranillo wines following early defoliation of the vinesDiago, Maria P.; Ayestarán, Belén; Guadalupe, Zenaida; Garrido, Á.; Tardaguila, JavierArtículo
closedAccess2012Spatio-temporal dynamics of grape anthocyanin accumulation in a Tempranillo vineyard monitored by proximal sensingBaluja, J.; Diago, Maria P.; Goovaerts, P.; Tardaguila, JavierArtículo
closedAccess2011Variations of soil properties affect the vegetative growth and yield components of >Tempranillo> grapevinesTardaguila, Javier; Baluja, J.; Arpon, L.; Balda, Pedro; Oliveira, ManuelArtículo