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openAccessCRFS2020-Tarrega_Postprint.pdf.jpg3-Mar-2020Are mixed meat and vegetable protein products good alternatives for reducing meat consumption? A case study with burgersTárrega, Amparo ; Rizo, Arantxa; Murciano, Ana; Laguna, Laura; Fiszman, Susana artículo
openAccessBJSTR-FISZMAN-2019.pdf.jpg5-Nov-2019Bioengineering Tools to Aid the Study of Oral Processing Deficiencies: A Pathway to Tailored Food ProductsLaguna, Laura; Tárrega, Amparo ; Fiszman, Susana artículo
foods-09-00468.pdf.jpg9-Apr-2020Consumer Description by Check-All-That-Apply Questions (CATA) of the Sensory Profiles of Commercial and New Mandarins. Identification of Preference Patterns and Drivers of LikingTarancón, Paula ; Tárrega, Amparo ; Aleza, Pablo; Besada, Cristina; ;
openAccessFQP-2017-Tarrega.pdf.jpg3-Jul-2017Consumer perceptions of indulgence: A case study with cookiesTárrega, Amparo ; Marcano, Johanna; Fiszman, Susana artículo
openAccessconsumchickeffe.pdf.jpg2016Consumer perceptions, descriptive profile, and mechanical properties of a novel product with chickpea flour: Effect of ingredientsJiménez, M. José ; Tárrega, Amparo ; Fuentes, Raúl ; Canet, Wenceslao ; Álvarez, M. Dolores  artículo
openAccessTárrega-LWT-Effect of blends.pdf.jpgApr-2010Effect of blends of short and long-chain inulin on the rheological and sensory properties of prebiotic low-fat custardsTárrega, Amparo ; Rocafull, Amparo; Costell, Elvira artículo
openAccessPoster Ibereo04.pdf.jpg9-Sep-2004Effect of milk fat content on the flour behaviour of custard dessertsTárrega, Amparo ; González Tomás, Luis; Costell, Elvira presentación
openAccessfoods-08-00106.pdf.jpg21-Mar-2019Effect of Oral Physiology Parameters on In-Mouth Aroma Compound Release Using Lipoprotein Matrices: An In Vitro ApproachTárrega, Amparo ; Yven, Claude; Sémon, Etienne; Mielle, Patrick; Salles, Christianartículo
openAccessposter comp nizo.pdf.jpgJun-2003Effect of temperature on steady-state flow behaviour of semisolid dairy dessertsTárrega, Amparo ; Durán, Luis; Costell, Elvira presentación
openAccessposter gales.pdf.jpgJul-2003Effect of temperature on viscoelastic properties of semisolid dairy dessertsTárrega, Amparo ; Durán, Luis; Costell, Elvira presentación
embargoedAccessFQP2020-Cassani.pdf.jpg8-Apr-2020Emotional response evoked when looking at and trying a new food product, measured through images and words. A case-study with novel fruit and vegetable smoothiesCassani, Lucía; Fiszman, Susana ; Álvarez, María V.; Moreira, María R.; Laguna, Laura; Tárrega, Amparo artículo
openAccessChem Perc-Costell-2010.pdf.jpgMar-2010Food Acceptance: The Role of Consumer Perception and AttitudesCostell, Elvira ; Tárrega, Amparo ; Bayarri, Sara artículo
openAccessPoster COST-Dijon.pdf.jpgApr-2005Functional role of starch and kappa-carrageenan on the rheology and flavour of a custard dessert (COST 921 recipe)González Tomás, Luis; Tárrega, Amparo ; Costell, Elvira presentación
openAccessFoodFunction2018.pdf.jpg24-Sep-2018Impact of composition and texture of protein-added yogurts on oral activityMorell, Pere; Tárrega, Amparo ; Foegeding, Edward Allen; Fiszman, Susana artículo
openAccessFQP-Rizo-2019.pdf.jpg16-Apr-2019Impact of texture TDS and flavour TDS tasks and of chocolate-chip biscuit characteristics on oral processing featuresRizo, Arantxa; Jiménez-Pérez, I.; Camacho García, A.; Fiszman, Susana ; Pérez-Soriano, P.; Tárrega, Amparo artículo
openAccessRizo_FQP2019.pdf.jpg6-Dec-2018Influence of fading duration on TCATA evaluationRizo, Arantxa; Vidák; K.; Fiszman, Susana ; Tárrega, Amparo artículo
openAccessPoster Barcelona.pdf.jpg17-May-2004Influencia de la adición de inulina en el comportamiento de flujo y en el sabor de natillas de vainillaTárrega, Amparo ; González Tomás, Luis; Costell, Elvira presentación
openAccessTesis_A_Tarrega.pdf.jpg2005Influencia de la composición en las propiedades físicas y sensoriales de postres lácteos semisólidosTárrega, Amparo tesis doctoral
openAccessInulina.pdf.jpg15-Sep-2004Influencia de la Inulina en la viscoelasticidad y en la textura de natillas de vainillaGonzález Tomás, Luis; Tárrega, Amparo ; Costell, Elvira presentación
embargoedAccessFRI2020-Puerta.pdf.jpg15-Apr-2020Oral processing and dynamics of texture perception in commercial gluten-free breadsPuerta, Patricia; Laguna, Laura; Villegas, Beatriz ; Rizo, Arantxa; Fiszman, Susana ; Tárrega, Amparo artículo