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openAccessVillaseñor_Geophys_J_Int_2014_199_402.pdf.jpg2014Ambient noise tomography of the Pyrenees and the surrounding regions: Inversion for a 3-D Vs model in the presence of a very heterogeneous crustMacquet, M; Paul, A.; Pedersen, H.A; Villaseñor, Antonio  ; Chevrot, S.; Sylvander, Matthieu; Wolyniec, D.Artículo
closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpgabr-2018Broadband, short-period or geophone nodes? Quality assessment of Passive Seismic signals acquired during the Maupasacq experimentPolychronopoulou, K.; Lois, A.; Martakis, N.; Chevrot, S.; Sylvander, Matthieu; Diaz, J. ; Villaseñor, Antonio  Artículo
closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg14-dic-2015Discrimination of Secondary Microseism Origins Using Ocean Tide ModulationBeucler, E.; Mocquet, A.; Schimmel, Martin  ; Chevrot, S.; Vergne, J.; Sylvander, MatthieuComunicación de congreso
openAccessVillaseñor_2014_Journal_of_Geophysical_Research_Solid_Earth_119.pdf.jpgago-2014High-resolution imaging of the Pyrenees and Massif Central from the data of the PYROPE and IBERARRAY portable array deploymentsChevrot, S.; Villaseñor, Antonio  ; Sylvander, Matthieu; Benahmed, S.; Beucler, E.; Cougoulat, G.; Delmas, P.; De Saint Blanquat, M.; Diaz, J. ; Gallart Muset, Josep Artículo
openAccessDiaz_EGU2017-4577-1.pdf.jpg23-abr-2017Mapping crustal thinning beneath the Eastern PyreneesDiaz, J. ; Chevrot, S.; Vergés, Jaume  ; Sylvander, Matthieu; Ruiz Fernández, Mario ; Antonio-Vigil, A.Presentación
embargoedAccessDiaz_Tectonophysics_744_296_postprint.pdf.jpgjul-2018Mapping the crustal structure beneath the eastern PyreneesDiaz, J. ; Vergés, Jaume  ; Chevrot, S.; Antonio-Vigil, A.; Ruiz Fernández, Mario ; Sylvander, Matthieu; Gallart Muset, Josep Artículo
openAccess2015Observation of deep water microseisms in the North Atlantic Ocean using tide modulationsBeucler, E.; Mocquet, A.; Schimmel, Martin  ; Chevrot, S.; Quillard, O.; Vergne, J.; Sylvander, MatthieuArtículo
openAccessVillaseñor 2013 Tectonophysics 608 428versio postprint.pdf.jpg2013Spatial variations of seismic attenuation and heterogeneity in the Pyrenees: Coda Q and peak delay time analysisCalvet, Marie; Sylvander, Matthieu; Margerin, Ludovic; Villaseñor, Antonio  Artículo
openAccessDiaz_Scientific_Reports_8_1_ 9591.pdf.jpgjul-2018The non-cylindrical crustal architecture of the PyreneesChevrot, S.; Sylvander, Matthieu; Diaz, J. ; Martin, Roland; Mouthereau, F.; Manatschal, Gianreto; Masini, Emmanuel; Calassou, Sylvain; Grimaud, Franck; Pauchet, Hélène; Ruiz Fernández, Mario Artículo
openAccessDiaz_Geophys_J_Int_200_1094.pdf.jpg2015The Pyrenean architecture as revealed by teleseismic P-to-S converted waves recorded along two dense transectsChevrot, S.; Sylvander, Matthieu; Diaz, J. ; Ruiz Fernández, Mario ; Paul, A.; Cougoulat, G.; Péquegnat, C.; Wolyniec, D.; Delmas, P.; Grimaud, F.; Benahmed, S.; Pauchet H.; De Saint Blanquat, M.; Lagabrielle, Y.; Manatschal, G.Artículo