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RightsIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
closedAccess2013Anisotropy of spin relaxation and transverse transport in metalsMokrousov, Y.; Zhang, Hongbin; Freimuth, F.; Zimmermann, Bernd; Long, Nguyen H.; Weischenberg, Jürgen; Souza, Ivo; Mavropoulos, Phivos; Blügel, S.; Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft, et al
closedAccess2012Applications of spinor Wannier functions to ferromagnetic metals and topological insulatorsSouza, Ivo
openAccess2011Chern-Simons orbital magnetoelectric coupling in generic insulatorsCoh, Sinisa; Vanderbilt, David; Malashevich, Andrei; Souza, Ivo
closedAccess2002First-principles calculation of the orbital magnetoelectric responseSouza, Ivo; Malashevich, Andrei; Coh, Sinisa; Vanderbilt, David
closedAccess2012Full magnetoelectric response from first-principlesSouza, Ivo
openAccess2012Full magnetoelectric response of Cr2O3 from first principlesMalashevich, Andrei; Coh, Sinisa; Souza, Ivo; Vanderbilt, David; Ministerio de Economía y Competitividad (España); National Science Foundation (US)
closedAccess2012Magnetoelectric coupling and surface anomalous Hall effectSouza, Ivo
openAccess2012Maximally localized Wannier functions: Theory and applicationsMarzari, Nicola; Mostofi, Arash A.; Yates, Jonathan R.; Souza, Ivo; Vanderbilt, David
openAccess2013Natural optical activity and its control by electric field in electrotoroidic systemsProsandeev, Sergey; Malashevich, Andrei; Gui, Zhigang; Louis, Lydie; Walter, Raymond; Souza, Ivo; Bellaiche, L.; Office of Naval Research (US); US Army Research Laboratory; National Science Foundation (US), et al
openAccess2011Orbital magnetoelectric coupling at finite electric fieldMalashevich, Andrei; Vanderbilt, David; Souza, Ivo
openAccess2011Role of spin-flip transitions in the anomalous hall effect of FePt alloyZhang, Hong; Freimuth, F.; Blügel, S.; Mokrousov, Y.; Souza, Ivo
openAccess2012Wannier-based calculation of the orbital magnetization in crystalsLópez, M. G.; Vanderbilt, David; Thonhauser, T.; Souza, Ivo; National Science Foundation (US)
closedAccess2012Wannier-based description of orbital magnetic effects in ferromagnetsSouza, Ivo