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RightsIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
openAccess5-May-20111,8-Naphthyridine-devired compounds and the use thereof in the treatment of neurodegenerative diseasesRíos Salgado, Cristóbal; Romero Martínez, Alejandro; Egea Maiquez, Javier; León Martínez, Rafael; Villarroya Sánchez, Mercedes; García López, Manuela; García García, Antonio; Marco Contelles, José Luis; Soriano, Elena; Samadi, Abdelouahid; Chioua, Mourad
closedAccess2006A convenient and efficient synthesis of the first (nitroimidazolyl)succinic esters and their diacidsPacheco-Torres, Jesús; Pérez-Mayoral, Elena; Soriano, Elena; López-Larrubia, Pilar; Ouari, Olivier; Cerdán, Sebastián; Ballesteros, Paloma
closedAccess2012A DFT-based analysis of the gold-catalyzed cycloisomerization of 1-siloxy 1,5-enynes to cyclohexadienesSoriano, Elena; Marco-Contelles, José
closedAccess2003A novel series of complexones with bis- or biazole structure as mixed ligands of paramagnetic contrast agents for MRIPérez-Mayoral, Elena; Soriano, Elena; Cerdán, Sebastián; Ballesteros, Paloma
closedAccess2011A practical two-step synthesis of imidazo[1,2-a]pyridines from N-(prop-2-yn-1-yl)pyridin-2-aminesSucunza, D.; Samadi, Abdelouahid; Chioua, Mourad; Silva, Daniel; Yunta, C.; Infantes, L.; Carmo Carreiras, M.; Soriano, Elena; Marco Contelles, José Luis
closedAccess2008A theoretical analysis of the Ti(IV)-catalyzed glycoaminocyanation reactionSoriano, Elena; Marco-Contelles, José L.
closedAccess2015A versatile synthesis of β-lactam-fused oxacycles through the palladium-catalyzed chemo-, regio-, and diastereoselective cyclization of allenic diolsAlcaide, Benito; Almendros, Pedro; Carrascosa, Rocío; Casarrubios, L.; Soriano, Elena
closedAccess2013Acid-activated carbon materials: Cheaper alternative catalysts for the synthesis of substituted quinolinesLópez-Sanz, Jesús; Pérez-Mayoral, Elena; Soriano, Elena; Omenat-Morán, Delia; Durán, Carlos J.; Martín-Aranda, Rosa María; Matos, Ines; Fonseca, Isabel
closedAccess2014Allenes and computational chemistry: From bonding situations to reaction mechanismsSoriano, Elena; Fernández, Israel
closedAccess2013Amino-grafted mesoporous materials based on MCF structure involved in the quinoline synthesis. Mechanistic insightsSmuszkiewicz, A.; López-Sanz, J.; Pérez-Mayoral, E.; Soriano, Elena; Sobczak, I.; Ziolek, M; Martín-Aranda, R. M.; López-Peinado, A. J.
closedAccess2014Amino-grafted SBA-15 material as dual acid-base catalyst for the synthesis of coumarin derivativesAider, Nadia; Smuszkiewicz, Agata; Pérez-Mayoral, Elena; Soriano, Elena; Martín-Aranda, Rosa María; Halliche, Djamila; Menad, Saliha
closedAccess2013Bifunctional mesoporous MCF materials as catalysts in the Friedländer condensationSmuszkiewicz, A.; Pérez-Mayoral, E.; Soriano, Elena; Sobczak, I.; Ziolek, M.; Martín-Aranda, R. M.; López-Peinado, A. J.
closedAccess2013Bifunctional mesoporous MCF materials as catalysts in the Friedländer condensationSmuszkiewicz, A.; Pérez-Mayoral, E.; Soriano, Elena; Sobczak, I.; Ziolek, M.; Martín-Aranda, R. M.; López-Peinado, A. J.
openAccess1-Jun-2011Compuestos derivados de 1,8-naftiridinas y su uso en el tratamiento de enfermedades neurodegenerativasRomero Martínez, Alejandro; García García, Antonio; García López, Manuela; Egea Maiquez, Javier; Chioua, Mourad; Villarroya Sánchez, Mercedes; Soriano, Elena; León Martínez, Rafael; Marco Contelles, José Luis; Ríos Salgado, Cristóbal; Samadi, Abdelouahid
closedAccess2006Computational analysis of aza analogues of [2′,5′-bis-O-(tert- butyldimethylsilyl)-β-D-ribofuranosel]-3′-spiro-5″(4″- amino-1″,2″-oxathiole-2″,2″-dioxide) (TSAO) as HIV-1 reverse transcriptase inhibitors: Relevance of conformational properties on the inhibitory activitySoriano, Elena; Marco-Contelles, José L.
closedAccess2006Computational analysis of the selective cyclopropanation mode for the PtCl2-catalyzed cycloisomerization of a polyunsaturated precursorMarco-Contelles, José L.; Soriano, Elena
closedAccess2004Computational determination of pKa values. A comparison of different theoretical approaches and a novel procedureSoriano, Elena; Cerdán, Sebastián; Ballesteros, Paloma
closedAccess2013Controlled heterocyclization/cross-coupling domino reaction of β,γ-allendiols and α-allenic esters: Method and mechanistic insight for the preparation of functionalized buta-1, 3-dienyl dihydropyransAlcaide, Benito; Almendros, Pedro; Del Campo, T. M.; Quirós, M. T.; Soriano, Elena; Marco-Contelles, José L.
openAccess27-Sep-2011Derivados de 2-amino-3,5-dicianopiridina y 2-cloro-3,5-dicianopiridina como inhibidores de las enzinas colinesterasas y con capacidad neuroprotectoraSamadi, Abdelouahid; Álvarez-Pérez, Mónica; Soriano, Elena; Valderas, Carolina; García García, Antonio
closedAccess2014Design, synthesis, pharmacological evaluation, QSAR analysis, molecular modeling and ADMET of novel donepezil-indolyl hybrids as multipotent cholinesterase/monoamine oxidase inhibitors for the potential treatment of Alzheimer's diseaseBautista-Aguilera, Oscar M.; Esteban, Gerard; Bolea, Irene; Nikolic, Katarina; Agbaba, Danica; Moraleda, Ignacio; Iriepa, Isabel; Samadi, Abdelouahid; Soriano, Elena; Unzeta, Mercedes; Marco-Contelles, José