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RightsIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
closedAccess2006A halocin acting on Na+/H+ exchanger of Haloarchaea as a new type of inhibitor in NHE of mammalsLequerica, Juan L.; O´Connor Blasco, Enrique; Such Belenguer, Luis; Alberola Aguilar, Antonio; Meseguer, I.; Dolz Izquierdo, Mª Carmen; Torre-Blanca Calvo, Marina; Moya, A.; Colom, F.; Soria, Bernat
closedAccess2002A Nonclassical Estrogen Membrane Receptor Triggers Rapid Differential Actions in the Endocrine PancreasRopero, Ana B.; Soria, Bernat; Nadal, Ángel
closedAccessMar-2009A refined characterisation of the NeoHepatocyte phenotype necessitates a reappraisal of the transdifferentiation hypothesisRiquelme, Paloma; Wundt, Judith; Hutchinson, James A.; Brulport, Marc; Jun, Yu; Sotnikova, Anna; Girreser, Ulrich; Braun, Felix; Gövert, Felix; Soria, Bernat; Nüssler, Andreas; Clement, Bernd; Hengstler, Jan; Fändrich, Fred
openAccessJun-1995A role for calcium release-activated current (CRAC) in cholinergic modulation of electrical activity in pancreatic beta-cellsBertram, R.; Martín, Franz; Soria, Bernat
closedAccess2006Abordaje Integral de la DiabetesSoria, Bernat
closedAccessJul-1995Amino acid-induced [Ca2+]i oscillations in single mouse pancreatic islets of LangerhansMartín, Franz; Soria, Bernat
closedAccess2011Angiographic demonstration of neoangiogenesis after intra-arterial infusion of autologous bone marrow mononuclear cells in diabetic patients with critical limb IschemiaRuiz-Salmerón, R.; de la Cuesta-Diaz, A.; Constantino-Bermejo, M.; Pérez-Camacho, I.; Marcos-Sánchez, F.; Hmadcha, Abdelkrim; Soria, Bernat
closedAccess1985Anthroylcholine bromide reveals two muscarinic binding sites in rat brain cortex membranesRipoll, Cristina; Soria, Bernat
closedAccess1996B-Cell hypersensitivity to glucose and tolbutamide in partially pancreatectomized miceSoria, Bernat; Andreu, E.; Sánchez-Andrés, J. V.; Martín, Franz
closedAccess2003Bio-engineering insulin-secreting cells from embryonic stem cells: A review of progressRoche, E.; Soria, Bernat
openAccess1996Biofísica del acoplamiento estímulo-secreciónSoria, Bernat
closedAccess4-Jul-2003Bovine subcommissural organ displays spontaneous and synchronous intracellular calcium oscillationsBermúdez-Silva, F. Javier; Martín, Franz; Soria, Bernat; Nadal, Ángel; Fernández-Llebrez, Pedro
openAccess2011Cabimer (Centro Andaluz de Biología Molecular y Medicina Regenerativa)Aguilera, Andrés; Bhattacharya, Shom Shanker; Soria, Bernat; Ríos, Rosa M.
openAccess2011Calendario 2012 Cabimer - Centro Andaluz de Biología Molecular y Medicina RegenerativaAguilera, Andrés; Bhattacharya, Shom Shanker; Soria, Bernat; Ríos, Rosa M.
openAccess1995Canales de potasio sensibles a ATP. Sulfonilureas y activadores de canales de potasioSoria, Bernat
closedAccess2008Cell Therapy for Diabetes Mellitus: An Opportunity for Stem Cells?Soria, Bernat; Bedoya, F. J.; Tejedo, J. R.; Hmadcha, Abdelkrim; Ruiz-Salmerón, R.; Lim, S.; Martín, Franz
closedAccess1981Collagenase and hyaluronidase pretreatment induces sensitivity to d-tubocurarine in frog sciatic nerveSoria, Bernat; Vina, J.
closedAccess1998Competitive effects of alien intracellular calcium chelators with the receptor molecule that triggers insulin releasePertusa, José A. G.; Soria, Bernat; Martín, Franz
closedAccessApr-2011Cryobanking the genetic diversity in the critically endangered Iberian lynx (Lynx pardinus) from skin biopsies. Investigating the cryopreservation and culture ability of highly valuable explants and cellsLeón-Quinto, Trinidad; Simón, Miguel A.; Sánchez, Ángel; Martín, Francisco; Soria, Bernat
closedAccessJun-2009Developing biological resource banks as a supporting tool for wildlife reproduction and conservation. The Iberian lynx bank as a model for other endangered speciesLeón-Quinto, Trinidad; Simón, Miguel A.; Cadenas, R.; Jones, Jonathan; Martínez-Hernández, Francisco J.; Moreno, Juan M.; Vargas, Astrid; Soria, Bernat