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openAccess1556-276X-6-330.pdf.jpg13-Apr-2011A combination of hard and soft templating for the fabrication of silica hollow microcoils with nanostructured wallsRodriguez-Abreu, Carlos; Vilanova, Neus; Solans, Conxita; Ujihara, Masaki; Imae, Toyoko; Lopez-Quintela, Arturo; Motojima, SeijiArtículo
closedAccess18-Jul-2005Ceramic particles obtained using W/O nano-emulsions as reaction mediaPorras, M.; Martínez, A.; Solans, Conxita; González, Carlos ; Gutiérrez, José M.Artículo
closedAccess20-Jun-2005Composition effects on the mechanical properties of microemulsion-made core/shell polymersRabelero, M.; López-Cuenca, S.; Puca, M.; Mendizábal, E.; Esquena, Jordi; Solans, Conxita; López, R. G.; Puig, J. E.Artículo
closedAccess25-May-2007Effect of water on foaming properties of diglycerol fatty acid ester-oil systemsShrestha, Lok Kumar; Shrestha, Rekha Goswami; Solans, Conxita; Aramaki, KenjiArtículo
closedAccess29-Apr-2005Emulsion polymerization of styrene and methyl methacrylate using a hydrophobically modified inulin and comparison with other surfactantsNestor, Jérémie; Esquena, Jordi; Solans, Conxita; Levecke, Bart; Booten, Karl; Tadros, Tharwat F.Artículo
closedAccess25-Jan-2003Enzymatic carbon−carbon bond formation in water-in-oil highly concentrated emulsions (gel emulsions)Espelt, Laia; Clapés Saborit, Pere; Esquena, Jordi; Manich, Albert M.; Solans, ConxitaArtículo
closedAccess2-Oct-2007Formation and properties of reverse micellar cubic liquid crystals and derived emulsionsRodríguez-Abreu, Carlos; Shrestha, Lok Kumar; Varade, Dharmesh; Aramaki, Kenji; Maestro, Alicia; López Quintela, Arturo; Solans, ConxitaArtículo
closedAccess20-May-2004Formation and stability of nano-emulsionsTadros, Tharwat F.; Izquierdo, P.; Esquena, Jordi; Solans, ConxitaArtículo
closedAccess23-Feb-2006Formation of mesostructured silica in nonionic fluorinated surfactant systemsEsquena, Jordi; Rodríguez-Abreu, Carlos; Solans, Conxita; Kunieda, HironobuArtículo
closedAccess1-Oct-2004Formation of water-in-oil (W/O) nano-emulsions in a water/mixed non-ionic surfactant/oil systems prepared by a low-energy emulsification methodUsón, N.; Garcia, María José; Solans, ConxitaArtículo
closedAccess8-Dec-2003Free-radical polymerization of styrene in worm-like micellesBecerra, F.; Soltero, J. F. A.; Puig, J. E.; Schulz, P. C.; Esquena, Jordi; Solans, ConxitaArtículo
closedAccess21-May-2003Highly concentrated (gel) emulsions, versatile reaction mediaSolans, Conxita; Esquena, Jordi; Azemar Sazatornil, NuriaArtículo
closedAccess1-Mar-2003Highly concentrated W/O emulsions prepared by the PIT method as templates for solid foamsEsquena, Jordi; Sankar, GSR Ravi; Solans, ConxitaArtículo
closedAccess1-May-2005The influence of surfactant mixing ratio on nano-emulsion formation by the pit methodIzquierdo, P.; Feng, Jin; Esquena, Jordi; Tadros, Tharwat F.; Dederen, Joseph C.; García, María José; Azemar Sazatornil, Nuria; Solans, ConxitaArtículo
openAccessNestor_Jeremie_et_al.pdf.jpg15-Jul-2007Interaction forces between particles stabilized by a hydrophobically modified inulin surfactantNestor, Jérémie; Esquena, Jordi; Solans, Conxita; Luckham, Paul F.; Musoke, Michael; Levecke, Bart; Booten, Karl; Tadros, Tharwat F.Pre-print
openAccessEVENTOS306648[1].pdf.jpg16-Jun-2010Jornada de Presentación del Centre QCI (IQAC-CSIC)Solans, Conxita; Esquena, Jordi; Ortin, Álvaro; Rodríguez-Abreu, Carlos; García-Celma, M. J.; Molina Mansilla, Ricardo; Calderó, Gabriela; Vílchez, Susana; Valle, Elisabet delPresentación
closedAccess9-Apr-2003Meso/macroporous inorganic oxide monoliths from polymer foamsMaekawa, Heidi; Esquena, Jordi; Bishop, Samuel; Solans, Conxita; Chmelka, Bradley F.Artículo
closedAccess30-Aug-2005Nano-emulsionsSolans, Conxita; Izquierdo, P.; Nolla Anguera, Jordi; Azemar Sazatornil, Nuria; García-Celma, M. J.Artículo
closedAccess6-Mar-2006Nano-emulsions preparation by low energy methods in an ionic surfactant systemSolé, Isabel; Maestro, Alicia; Pey, C. M.; González Azón, Carmen; Solans, Conxita; Gutiérrez, José M.Artículo
closedAccess28-Feb-2006Oil/water droplet formation by temperature change in the water/c(16)e(6)/mineral oil systemMorales, D.; Solans, Conxita; Gutiérrez, José M.; García-Celma, M. J.; Olsson, U.Artículo