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RightsIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
closedAccess1999A comparison of ns and ps steam laser cleaning of Si surfacesMosbacher, M.; Chaoui, N.; Siegel, Jan; Dobler, V.; Solís Céspedes, Javier; Boneberg, J.; Afonso, Carmen N.; Leiderer, P.
closedAccess2003A high-sensitivity in situ optical diagnostic technique for laser cleaning of transparent substratesChaoui, N.; Solís Céspedes, Javier; Afonso, Carmen N.; Fourrier, T.; Muehlberger, T.; Schrems, G.; Mosbacher, M.; Bäuerle, D.; Bertsch, M.; Leiderer, P.
closedAccess2012Ad-hoc design of temporally shaped fs laser pulses based on plasma dynamics for deep ablation in fused silicaHernández Rueda, Javier; Siegel, Jan; Puerto, D.; Galván Sosa, M.; Gawelda, W.; Solís Céspedes, Javier
openAccess1996All laser-assisted heteroepitaxial growth of Si0.8Ge 0.2 on Si(100): Pulsed laser deposition and laser induced melting solidificationSerna, Rosalía; Blasco, A.; Missana, T.; Solís Céspedes, Javier; Afonso, Carmen N.; Rodríguez, A.; Rodríguez, T.; Silva, M. F. da
openAccess25-Mar-1996All laser-assisted heteroepitaxial growth of Si0.8Ge0.2 on Si(100): Pulsed laser deposition and laser induced melting solidificationSerna, Rosalía; Blasco, A.; Missana, T.; Solís Céspedes, Javier; Afonso, Carmen N.; Rodríguez, A.; Rodríguez, T.; Silva, M. F. da
openAccess2008Amorphization dynamics of Ge2 Sb2 Te5 films upon nano- and femtosecond laser pulse irradiationSiegel, Jan; Gawelda, W.; Puerto, D.; Dorronsoro, Carlos; Solís Céspedes, Javier; Afonso, Carmen N.; Sande, J. C. G. de; Bez, R.; Pirovano, A.; Wiemer, C.
openAccess1996Bulk solidification and recalescence phenomena in amorphous Ge films upon picosecond pulsed laser irradiationSiegel, Jan; Solís Céspedes, Javier; Afonso, Carmen N.; García, C.
openAccess1996Cathodoluminescence study of ArF excimer laser-induced planarization of large grain diamond filmsCremades, Ana; Piqueras, J.; Solís Céspedes, Javier
closedAccess2008Characterization of the resonant third-order nonlinear susceptibility of Si-doped GaN-AlN quantum wells and quantum dots at 1.5 μmValdueza-Felip, S.; Naranjo, F. B.; González Herráez, Miguel; Fernández, H.; Solís Céspedes, Javier; Guillot, F.; Monroy, E.; Nevou, L.; Tchernycheva, M.; Julien, F. H.
openAccess2011Coherent optical phonons in different phases of Ge2 Sb 2 Te5 upon strong laser excitationHernández Rueda, Javier; Savoia, A.; Gawelda, W.; Solís Céspedes, Javier; Mansart, B.; Boschetto, D.; Siegel, Jan
openAccess1-Sep-2003Controlling the transmission at the surface plasmon resonance of nanocomposite films using photonic structuresSuárez García, A.; Coso López, Raúl del; Serna, Rosalía; Solís Céspedes, Javier; Afonso, Carmen N.
openAccess2012Correlation of the refractive index change at the surface and inside phosphate glass upon femtosecond laser irradiationPuerto, D.; Siegel, Jan; Ferrer, A.; Hernández Rueda, Javier; Solís Céspedes, Javier
closedAccess1999Critical parameters influencing the material distribution produced by pulsed laser depositionCoso López, Raúl del; Perea, Ángel; Serna, Rosalía; Chaos, J. A.; Gonzalo de los Reyes, José; Solís Céspedes, Javier
closedAccess2007Deep subsurface optical waveguides produced by direct writing with femtosecond laser pulses in fused silica and phosphate glassFerrer Moreu, Andrés; Diez-Blanco, V.; Ruiz de la Cruz, A.; Siegel, Jan; Solís Céspedes, Javier
openAccess2007Deep subsurface waveguides with circular cross section produced by femtosecond laser writingDiez-Blanco, V.; Siegel, Jan; Ferrer, A.; Ruiz de la Cruz, A.; Solís Céspedes, Javier
openAccess1-Dec-2000Delayed melting at the substrate interface of amorphous Ge films partially melted with nanosecond laser pulsesVega, F.; Solís Céspedes, Javier; Siegel, Jan; Afonso, Carmen N.
openAccess15-Aug-2004Dynamics of femtosecond laser-induced melting and amorphization of indium phosphideBonse, J.; Wiggins, S. M.; Solís Céspedes, Javier
closedAccess2005Dynamics of phase transitions induced by femtosecond laser pulse irradiation of indium phosphideBonse, Jörn; Wiggins, S. M.; Solís Céspedes, Javier
openAccess2010Dynamics of plasma formation, relaxation, and topography modification induced by femtosecond laser pulses in crystalline and amorphous dielectricsPuerto, D.; Siegel, Jan; Gawelda, W.; Galván Sosa, M.; Ehrentraut, L.; Bonse, J.; Solís Céspedes, Javier
openAccess1998Dynamics of ultrafast phase changes in amorphous GeSb filmsSokolowski Tinten, K.; Solís Céspedes, Javier; Bialkowski, J.; Siegel, Jan; Afonso, Carmen N.; Von Der Linde, D.