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closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg2015Impact of human Tp53 Arg72Pro polymorphism on endothelial progenitor cell mobilization and functional recovery after intracerebral hemorrhageRodríguez, Cristina ; Agulla, Jesús; Sobrino, Tomás; Bobo-Jimenez, Veronica ; Gómez Sánchez, José Carlos; Castillo, José; Almeida, Angeles Póster
openAccessIntraarterial_Argibay.pdf.jpg16-Jan-2017Intraarterial route increases the risk of cerebral lesions after mesenchymal cell administration in animal model of ischemiaArgibay, Bárbara; Trekker, Jesse; Himmelreich, Uwe; Beiras, Andrés; Topete, Antonio; Taboada, Pablo; Pérez-Mato, María; Vieites-Prado, Alba; Iglesias-Rey, Ramón; Rivas, José; Planas, Anna M. ; Sobrino, Tomás; Castillo, José; Campos, Francisco Artículo
openAccessTp53Arg72.pdf.jpg2017Neovascularization and functional recovery after intracerebral hemorrhage is conditioned by the Tp53 Arg72Pro single-nucleotide polymorphismRodríguez, Cristina ; Sobrino, Tomás; Agulla, Jesús; Bobo-Jimenez, Veronica ; Ramos-Araque, María E.; Duarte, Juan J.; Gómez Sánchez, José Carlos; Bolaños, Juan P. ; Castillo, José; Almeida, Angeles Artículo
closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg2013Prognostic impact of the -886G/A polymorphism in the promoter of UCP2in ischemic strokeSobrino, Tomás; Rodríguez, Cristina ; Campos, Francisco ; Gómez Sánchez, José Carlos; Rodríguez-Yáñez, M.; Almeida, Angeles ; Castillo, JoséPóster
openAccessSingle-Nucleotide Polymorphism_Rodriguez.pdf.jpgOct-2018Single-Nucleotide Polymorphism 309T>G in the MDM2 Promoter Determines Functional Outcome After StrokeRodríguez, Cristina ; Ramos-Araque, María E.; Domínguez-Martínez, Marta; Sobrino, Tomás; Sánchez Morán, Irene; Agulla, Jesús; Delgado-Esteban, María ; Gómez Sánchez, José Carlos; Bolaños, Juan P. ; Castillo, José; Almeida, Angeles Artículo
closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg2016The Mdm2 309T>G polymorphism modulates the MDM2-p53 signaling pathway and conditions the functional outcome of stroke patientsRamos-Araque, María E.; Rodríguez, Cristina ; Sánchez Morán, Irene; Gómez Sánchez, José Carlos; Sobrino, Tomás; Castillo, José; Almeida, Angeles Póster
closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg2013The p53 Arg72Pro polymorphism determines circulating levels of CD34+ progenitor cells and prognosis alter hemorrhagic strokeRodríguez, Cristina ; Sobrino, Tomás; Gómez Sánchez, José Carlos; Almeida, Angeles Póster