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openAccessPlayanE_AgricWatManag_I-2000.pdf.jpgJan-2000A case study for irrigation modernisation: I. Characterisation of the district and analysis of water delivery recordsFaci González, José María ; Bensaci, A.; Slatni, Adel; Playán Jubillar, Enrique  artículo
openAccessPlayanE_AgricWatManag-II_2000.pdf.jpgJan-2000A case study for irrigation modernisation: II: Scenario analysisPlayán Jubillar, Enrique  ; Slatni, Adel; Castillo, R.; Faci González, José María artículo
openAccessPlayanE_BiosystEng_2011.pdf.jpgFeb-2011Assessing alternate furrow strategies for potato at the Cherfech irrigation district of TunisiaSlatni, Adel; Zayani, Khemaies; Zairi, Abdelaziz; Yacoubi, Samir; Salvador Esteban, Raquel ; Playán Jubillar, Enrique  artículo
openAccessPlayanE_Engineering_2012.pdf.jpgOct-2012Assessing Sprinkler Irrigation Performance Using Field Evaluations at the Medjerda Lower Valley of TunisiaYacoubi, Samir; Zayani, Khemaies; Slatni, Adel; Playán Jubillar, Enrique  artículo
openAccessPlayanE_BiosystEng_2010.pdf.jpgSep-2010Day and night time sprinkler irrigated tomato: Irrigation performance and crop yieldYacoubi, Samir; Zayani, Khemaies; Zapata Ruiz, Nery  ; Zairi, Abdelaziz; Slatni, Adel; Salvador Esteban, Raquel ; Playán Jubillar, Enrique  artículo
openAccessPlayanE_RevueRegsArid_2017.pdf.jpg2017Evaluation des paramètres d’infiltration en irrigation à la raie sur trois types de solSlatni, Adel; Yacoubi, S.; Zayani, Khemaies; Playán Jubillar, Enrique  artículo
openAccessPlayanE_Engineering_2013.pdf.jpgOct-2013Improvement of durum wheat (Triticum durum) surface irrigation in swelling soilsSlatni, Adel; Zayani, Khemaies; Chebil, Ali; Zairi, Abdelaziz; Yacoubi, Samir; Playán Jubillar, Enrique  artículo