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closedAccess12-May-2011Activin A skews macrophage polarization by promoting a proinflammatory phenotype and inhibiting the acquisition of anti-inflammatory macrophage markersSierra-Filardi, Elena; Puig-Kröger, Amaya; Blanco, Francisco J.; Nieto, Concha; Bragado Herrero, Rafael; Palomero, M. Isabel; Bernabéu Quirante, Carmelo; Vega, Miguel A.; Corbí, Angel L.
closedAccess23-Apr-2007AM3 Modulates Dendritic Cell Pathogen Recognition Capabilities by Targeting DC-SIGNSerrano-Gómez, Diego; Martínez-Nuñez, Rocío T.; Sierra-Filardi, Elena; Izquierdo, Nuria; Colmenares, María; Pla, Jesús; Rivas, Luis; Martinez-Picado, Javier; Jiménez-Barbero, Jesús; Alonso-Lebrero, José Luis, et al
closedAccess15-May-2006DC-SIGN ligation on dendritic cells results in ERK and PI3K activation and modulates cytokine productionCaparrós, Esther; Munoz, Pilar; Sierra-Filardi, Elena; Serrano-Gómez, Diego; Puig-Kröger, Amaya; Rodríguez-Fernández, José Luis; Mellado, Mario; Sancho, Jaime; Zubiaur, Mercedes; Corbí, Angel L.
closedAccessJan-2010Epitope mapping on the dendritic cell-specific ICAM-3-grabbing non-integrin (DC-SIGN) pathogen-attachment factorSierra-Filardi, Elena; Estecha, Ana; Samaniego, Rafael; Fernández-Ruiz, Elena; Colmenares, María; Sánchez-Mateos, Paloma; Steinmand, Ralph M.; Granelli-Piperno, Angela; Corbí, Angel L.
closedAccess15-Dec-2009Folate Receptor β Is Expressed by Tumor-Associated Macrophages and Constitutes a Marker for M2 Anti-inflammatory/Regulatory MacrophagesPuig-Kröger, Amaya; Sierra-Filardi, Elena; Domínguez-Soto, Ángeles; Samaniego, Rafael; Corcuera, María Teresa; Gómez-Aguado, Fernando; Ratnam, Manohar
closedAccess2009Folate receptor β is expressed by tumor-associated macrophages and constitutes a marker for M2 anti-inflammatory/regulatory MacrophagesPuig-Kröger, Amaya; Sierra-Filardi, Elena; Domínguez-Soto, Ángeles; Samaniego, Rafael; Corcuera, María Teresa; Gómez-Aguado, Fernando; Ratnam, Manohar; Sánchez-Mateos, Paloma; Corbí, Angel L.
closedAccessSep-2010Heme Oxygenase-1 expression in M-CSF-polarized M2 macrophages contributes to LPS-induced IL-10 release.Sierra-Filardi, Elena; Vega, Miguel A.; Sánchez-Mateos, Paloma; Corbí, Angel L.; Puig-Kröger, Amaya
openAccess2010Marcadores de activación alternativa de macrófagos: DC-SIGN y FRβCorbí, Angel L.; Sierra-Filardi, Elena
openAccessDec-2010Naturally occurring 2-substituted (1,3)-β-D-glucan producing Lactobacillus suebicus and Pediococcus parvulus strains with potential utility in the production of functional foodsGarai-Ibabe, Gaizka; Dueñas, María Teresa; Irastorza, Ana; Sierra-Filardi, Elena; Werning, María Laura; López, Paloma; Corbí, Angel L.; Fernández de Palencia, P.
closedAccess31-Mar-2010Plasmacytoid dendritic cells resident in human thymus drive natural Treg cell developmentMartín-Gayo, Enrique; Sierra-Filardi, Elena; Corbí, Ángel L.; Toribio, María Luisa
openAccessJul-2009Probiotic properties of the 2-substituted (1,3)-beta-D-glucan-producing bacterium Pediococcus parvulus 2.6Fernández de Palencia, P.; Werning, María Laura; Sierra-Filardi, Elena; Dueñas, María Teresa; Irastorza, Ana; Corbí, Angel L.; López, Paloma
closedAccess15-Feb-2008Structural requirements for multimerization of the pathogen receptor dendritic cell-specific ICAM3-grabbing non-integrin (CD209) on the cell surfaceSerrano-Gómez, Diego; Sierra-Filardi, Elena; Martínez-Nuñez, Rocío T.; Caparrós, Esther; Delgado, Rafael; Muñoz-Fernández, Mari Angeles; Abad, María Antonia; Jiménez-Barbero, Jesús; Leal, Manuel; Corbí, Angel L.
openAccess15-Oct-2013Ubiquitous transgenic overexpression of C-C Chemokine Ligand 2: A model to assess the combined effect of high energy intake and continuous low-grade inflammationRodríguez-Gallego, Esther; Corbí, Angel L.; Sierra-Filardi, Elena; Joven, Jorge