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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2012Heteropolynuclear Pt(II)-M(I) clusters with a C ^N ^C biscyclometalated ligandFuertes, Sara; Sicilia, VioletaArtículo
2012Highly luminescent half-lantern cyclometalated platinum(II) complex: Synthesis, structure, luminescence studies, and reactivitySicilia, Violeta; Forniés, Juan; Casas, José M.; Martín, Antonio; López, José A.; Larraz, Carmen; Borja, Pilar; Ovejero, CarmenArtículo
18-Jul-2006Homo- and heteropolynuclear platinum complexes stabilized by dimethylpyrazolato and alkynyl bridging ligands: Synthesis, structures, and luminescenceForniés, Juan; Fuertes, Sara; Martín, Antonio; Sicilia, Violeta; Lalinde, Elena; Moreno, M. TeresaArtículo
2012Luminescent Benzoquinolate-Isocyanide Platinum(II) Complexes: Effect of Pt⋅⋅⋅Pt and π⋅⋅⋅π Interactions on their Photophysical PropertiesForniés, Juan; Sicilia, Violeta; Borja, Pilar; Casas, José M.; Díez, Alvaro; Lalinde, Elena; Larraz, Carmen; Martín, Antonio; Moreno, M. TeresaArtículo
2012New dicyano cyclometalated compounds containing Pd(II)-Tl(I) bonds as building blocks in 2D extended structures: Synthesis, structure, and luminescence studiesSicilia, Violeta; Forniés, Juan; Fuertes, Sara; Martín, AntonioArtículo
2010One-pot and step-by-step N-assisted CPh-H activation in 2-(4-bromophenyl)imidazol[1,2-a]pyridine: Synthesis of a new C,N-cyclometalated compound [{Pt(C^N)(μ-CI)}2] as precursor of luminescent platinum(II) compoundsForniés, Juan; Sicilia, Violeta; Larraz, Carmen; Camerano, José A.; Martín, Antonio; Casas, José M.; Tsipis, Athanassios C.Artículo
2011Pt-Ag clusters and their neutral mononuclear Pt(ii) starting complexes: Structural and luminescence studiesForniés, Juan; Sicilia, Violeta; Casas, José M.; Martín, Antonio; López, José A.; Larraz, Carmen; Borja, Pilar; Ovejero, CarmenArtículo
10-Jan-2006Reactivity of the Pyrazolatopalladium(II) complexes [Pd(dmpz)2(Hdmpz)2] and [Pd2(-dmpz)2(dmpz)2(Hdmpz)2] towards carboxylic acids: Hydrogen bonds as the driving force that determines the nature of the final productsAra, Irene; Forniés, Juan; Lasheras, Roberto; Martín, Antonio; Sicilia, VioletaArtículo
2010Structural and Luminescence Studies on π···π and Pt···Pt Interactions in Mixed Chloro-Isocyanide Cyclometalated Platinum(II) ComplexesDíez, Alvaro; Forniés, Juan; Larraz, Carmen; Lalinde, Elena; López, José A.; Martín, Antonio; Moreno, M. Teresa; Sicilia, VioletaArtículo
2012Synthesis and characterization of the double salts [Pt(bzq)(CNR) 2][Pt(bzq)(CN) 2] with significant Pt⋯Pt and π⋯π interactions. Mechanistic insights into the ligand exchange process from joint experimental and dft studyForniés, Juan; Fuertes, Sara; Larraz, Carmen; Martín, Antonio; Sicilia, Violeta; Tsipis, Athanassios C.Artículo
1-Nov-2006Synthesis and structural characterisation of new mono and dinuclear pyrazolatopalladium (II) complexes self-assembled through robust hydrogen-bondsAra, Irene; Falvello, Larry R.; Forniés, Juan; Lasheras, Roberto; Martín, Antonio; Oscar Oliva, Ocar; Sicilia, VioletaArtículo

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