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closedAccessrestringido.pdf.jpg2013A Combined Site-Specific Metals Sorption and Transport Model for Intact Soil ColumnsSerrano, Susana; Vlassopoulos, Dimitri; Garrido, Fernando  ; O’Day, Peggy A.artículo
openAccessSoil Science Society of America journal 2012 76 (2)  449-462.pdf.jpg2011Arsenic copper and zinc leaching through preferential flow in mining-impacted soilsHelmhart, Martín ; O´Day, Peggy A.; García-Guinea, Javier  ; Serrano, Susana; Garrido, Fernando  artículo
openAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg9-Apr-2015Arsenic speciation in the dispersible colloidal fraction of soils from a mine-impacted creekSerrano, Susana; Gómez-González, Miguel A.; O'Day, Peggy; Laborda, Francisco; Bolea, Eduardo; Garrido, Fernando  artículo
closedAccess2005Competitive sorption of cadmium and lead in acid soils of Central SpainSerrano, Susana; Garrido, Fernando  ; Campbell, C. G.; García-González, M.T. artículo
openAccessSSSAJ 2008.pdf.jpg2008Evidence of Physical and Chemical Nonequilibrium in Lead and Cadmium Transport and Sorption in Acid SoilsGarrido, Fernando  ; Serrano, Susana; Campbell, C. G.; Barrios, Laura; García-González, M.T. artículo
closedAccess2004Immobilization of the heavy metals Cd, Cu and Pb in an acid soil amended with gypsum-and lime-rich industrial by-productsIllera Muñoz, Virginia; Garrido, Fernando  ; Serrano, Susana; García-González, M.T. artículo
openAccessIICICS20062032.pdf.jpg2006Modelling Ph effect on competitive adsorption of Pb and Cd on soilsSerrano, Susana; O´Day, Peggy A.; Vlassopoulus, Dimitri; García-González, M.T. ; Garrido, Fernando  artículo
openAccesscongressoibericodaciencidosoloI2004094.pdf.jpg2001Sorción competitiva de Pb y Cd en dos suelos ácidos con características mineralógicas distintasSerrano, Susana; Garrido, Fernando  ; García-González, M.T. artículo
openAccessUrquijoGoitia_JR_SpanishParlamentaryProsoprography.pdf.jpg1996Spanish Parliament prosopography during the raise of the liberal revolution (1808-1874)Urquijo Goitia, José Ramón  ; Agirreazkuenaga, Joseba; Serrano, Susana; Urquijo Goitia, Mikelcomunicación de congreso
closedAccess2009A surface complexation and ion exchange model of Pb and Cd competititve sorption on natural soilsSerrano, Susana; O´Day, Peggy A.; Vlassopoulos, Dimitri; García-González, M.T. ; Garrido, Fernando  artículo
openAccessUrquijoGoitia_JR_TrayectoriasElite.pdf.jpg1992Trayectorias de la élite parlamentaria vasca durante la crisis del Antiguo Régimen (1808-1876)Urquijo Goitia, José Ramón  ; Agirreazkuenaga, Joseba; Serrano, Susana; Urquijo Goitia, Mikelartículo