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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
19931H- and 15N-NMR assignment and solution structure of the chemotactic Escherichia coli Che Y proteinBruix, M.; Pascual, Jaime; Santoro, Jorge; Prieto, Jestk; Serrano, Luis; Rico, ManuelArtículo
May-2003Hydrogen-exchange stability analysis of Bergerac-Src homology 3 variants allows the characterization of a folding intermediate in equilibriumViguera, Ana Rosa; Serrano, LuisArtículo
20-Oct-2000Towards understanding a molecular switch mechanism: Thermodynamic and crystallographic studies of the signal transduction protein CheYSolà, Maria; López-Hernández, Eva; Cronet, Philippe; Lacroix, Emmanuel; Serrano, Luis; Coll, Miquel; Párraga, AntonioArtículo

Showing results 1 to 3 of 3