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2013A facile method to determine the absolute structure of achiral molecules: Supramolecular-tilt structuresTejedor, Rosa M.; Uriel, Santiago; Graus, Sara; Sierra, Teresa; Claramunt, Rosa M.; López, Concepción; Pérez-Torralba, Marta; Alkorta, Ibon; Elguero, José; Serrano, José LuisArtículo
2012A linear conjugated core for functional columnar liquid crystalsPérez, Ana; Serrano, José Luis; Sierra, TeresaArtículo
17-Apr-2007All-in-one layer: anisotropic emission due to light-induced orientation of a multifunctional poplymerGiménez, Raquel; Piñol, Milagros; Serrano, José Luis; Viñuales, Ana I.Artículo
2010Bent-core liquid crystals in a route to efficient organic nonlinear optical materialsPintre, Inmaculada C.; Serrano, José Luis; Ros, M. Blanca; Martínez-Perdiguero, J.; Alonso, Ibon; Ortega, Josu; Folcia, César L.; Etxebarria, Jesús; Alicante, Raquel; Villacampa, BelénArtículo
2013Cell adhesion on surface patterns generated by the photocrosslinking of hyperbranched polyesters with a trisdiazonium saltLomba, Miguel; Oriol, Luis; Sánchez, Carlos; Grazú, Valeria; Serrano, José LuisArtículo
30-Jun-2006Characterization by fourier transform infrared spectroscopy (FT-IR) and 2D IR correlation spectroscopy of PAMAM dendrimerPopescu, Maria-Cristina; Cruz, C.; Marcos, Mercedes; Serrano, José LuisArtículo
2010Chiral biphenylacetylene smectic liquid crystalsVega, Laura de; Hennrich, Gunther; Omenat, Ana; Tejedor, Rosa M.; Barberá, Joaquín; Gómez-Lor, Berta; Serrano, José LuisArtículo
2014Chiral cyclic trinuclear gold(I) complexes with a helical columnar phaseBeltran, Eduardo; Barberá, Joaquín; Serrano, José Luis; Elduque, Anabel; Giménez, RaquelArtículo
2012"Click chemistry" as a versatile route to synthesize and modulate bent-core liquid crystalline materialsGimeno, Nélida; Serrano, José Luis; Folcia, César L.; Ros, M. BlancaArtículo
2011Control of self-assembly of a 3-hexen-1,5-diyne derivative: Toward soft materials with an aggregation-induced enhancement in emissionPérez, Ana; Serrano, José Luis; Sierra, TeresaArtículo
2010Crystallization of an achiral cyclohexanone ethylene ketal in enantiomorphs and determination of the absolute structureGraus, Sara; Tejedor, Rosa M.; Uriel, Santiago; Serrano, José Luis; Alkorta, Ibon; Elguero, JoséArtículo
20-Oct-2006Cyclotriphosphazene as a dendritic core for the preparation of columnar supermolecular liquid crystalsBarberá, Joaquín; Jiménez, Josefina; Laguna, Antonio; Oriol, Luis; Pérez, Sonia; Serrano, José LuisArtículo
Jan-2004Detection of antibodies to tick salivary antigens among patients from a region of SpainNebreda, Teresa; Merino, Francisco Jesús; Serrano, José Luis; Fernández Soto, Pedro; Encinas Grandes, Antonio; Pérez Sánchez, RicardoArtículo
2010Effect of the Phobic Segregation between Fluorinated and Perhydrogenated Chains on the Supramolecular Organization in Ionic Aromatic DendrimersHernández-Ainsa, Silvia; Barberá, Joaquín; Marcos, Mercedes; Serrano, José LuisArtículo
Nov-2006Electroactive C3 symmetric discotic liquid-crystalline triindolesGómez-Lor, Berta; Alonso, Beatriz; Omenat, Ana; Serrano, José LuisArtículo
2013Excited state dynamics of PPI dendrimers functionalized with 4-(4′-ethoxybenzoyloxy)salicylaldehyde chromophoresFranckevicius, M.; Marcos, Mercedes; Serrano, José LuisArtículo
2010Excited-state relaxation of dendrimers functionalized with cyanoazobenzene-type terminal groupsFranckevicius, M.; Marcos, Mercedes; Serrano, José LuisArtículo
2010Extended liquid-crystalline oligofluorenes with photo- and electroluminescenceBarrio, Jesús del; Chinellato, Luiz S.; Serrano, José Luis; Oriol, Luis; Piñol, MilagrosArtículo
14-Sep-2007Fluorene-based liquid crystalline networks with linearly polarized blue emission.Millaruelo, Marta; Chinellato, Luiz S.; Serrano, José Luis; Oriol, Luis; Piñol, MilagrosArtículo
2012Functional star-shaped tris(triazolyl)triazines: columnar liquid crystal, fluorescent, solvatofluorochromic and electrochemical propertiesBeltran, Eduardo; Serrano, José Luis; Sierra, Teresa; Giménez, RaquelArtículo

Showing results 1 to 20 of 84