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RightsIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
openAccessSep-1998A design methodology for application specific fuzzy integrated circuitsBarriga, Angel; Senhadji, Raouf; Jiménez Fernández, Carlos Jesús; Baturone, I.; Sánchez-Solano, Santiago
openAccessJan-2002Development of level controllers based on fuzzy logicCabrera, Alejandro; Senhadji, Raouf; Sánchez-Solano, Santiago; Barriga, Angel; Jiménez Fernández, Carlos Jesús; Llanes, Orestes
openAccessMay-2002Hardware/Software Codesign Methodology for Fuzzy Controller ImplementationCabrera, Alejandro; Sánchez-Solano, Santiago; Senhadji, Raouf; Barriga, Angel; Jiménez Fernández, Carlos Jesús
closedAccess2004Hardware/software codesign of configurable fuzzy control systemsCabrera, Alejandro; Sánchez-Solano, Santiago; Brox, Piedad; Barriga, Angel; Senhadji, Raouf
openAccessOct-2002NORFREA: An algorithm for non redundant fuzzy rule extractionSenhadji, Raouf; Sánchez-Solano, Santiago; Barriga, Angel; Baturone, I.; Moreno Velo, Francisco José
openAccessJul-2002Prototyping of fuzzy logic–based controllers using standard FPGA development boardsSánchez-Solano, Santiago; Senhadji, Raouf; Cabrera, Alejandro; Baturone, I.; Jiménez Fernández, Carlos Jesús; Barriga, Angel
openAccessNov-2001VLSI design of universal approximator neuro-fuzzy systemsBaturone, I.; Sánchez-Solano, Santiago; Barriga, Angel; Jiménez Fernández, Carlos Jesús; Senhadji, Raouf; López, D. R.
openAccessJul-2000Xflab: An On-Line Verification Tool for Fuzzy ControllersSenhadji, Raouf; Sánchez-Solano, Santiago; López, D. R.; Barriga, Angel