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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
13-Oct-2004A Mosaic of Functional Kainate Receptors in Hippocampal InterneuronsChristensen, Jeppe K.; Paternain, Ana V.; Selak, Sanja; Ahring, Philip K.; Lerma Gómez, JuanArtículo
21-Dec-2006Block of Kainate Receptor Desensitization Uncovers a Key Trafficking CheckpointPriel, Avi; Selak, Sanja; Lerma Gómez, Juan; Stern-Bach, YaelArtículo
28-Dec-2006Human autoantibodies against early endosome antigen-1 enhance excitatory synaptic transmissionSelak, Sanja; Paternain, Ana V.; Fritzler, M. J.; Lerma Gómez, JuanArtículo
13-Aug-2009A role for SNAP25 in internalization of kainate receptors and synaptic plasticitySelak, Sanja; Paternain, Ana V.; Aller, María Isabel; Picó, Esther; Rivera, Rocío; Lerma Gómez, JuanArtículo

Showing results 1 to 4 of 4