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2008Deficit irrigation and fertigation practices in olive growing: convergences and divergences in two case studiesTognetti, R.; Morales Sillero, Ana; D'Andria, R.; Fernández Luque, José Enrique; Lavini, A.; Sebastiani, Lorenzo; Troncoso de Arce, AntonioArtículo
27-Mar-2010Finite-time future singularities in modified Gauss–Bonnet and ℱ(R,G) gravity and singularity avoidanceBamba, Kazuharu; Odintsov, Sergei D.; Sebastiani, Lorenzo; Zerbini, SergioArtículo
Dec-2011Influence of the water treatment on the xylem anatomy and functionality of current year shoots of olive tree.Torres Ruiz, José Manuel; Díaz-Espejo, Antonio; Chamorro, Vanesa; Fernández Luque, José Enrique; Sebastiani, Lorenzo; Minocci, A.; Infante, J. M.Artículo
2008Potential and limitations of improving olive orchard design and management through modellingFernández Luque, José Enrique; Díaz-Espejo, Antonio; D'Andria, R.; Sebastiani, Lorenzo; Tognetti, R.Artículo
May-2014Regulation of photosynthesis and stomatal and mesophyll conductance under water stress and recovery in olive trees: Correlation with gene expression of carbonic anhydrase and aquaporinsPérez Martín, Alfonso; Michelazzo, C.; Torres Ruiz, José Manuel; Flexas, Jaume; Fernández Luque, José Enrique; Sebastiani, Lorenzo; Díaz-Espejo, AntonioArtículo

Showing results 1 to 5 of 5