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RightsIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
closedAccess20048-phenyl-substituted dipyrromethene center dot BF2 complexes as highly efficient and photostable laser dyesGarcia-Moreno, I.; Costela, Angel; Campo, L.; Sastre, Roberto; Amat-Guerri, Francisco; Liras, Marta; López Arbeloa, Fernando; Bañuelos Prieto, Jorge; López-Arbeloa, Iñigo
closedAccess20108-PropargylaminoBODIPY: unprecedented blue-emitting pyrromethene dye. Synthesis, photophysics and laser propertiesGómez-Durán, C. F. Azael; García-Moreno, Inmaculada; Costela, Angel; Martin, Virginia; Sastre, Roberto; Bañuelos, Jorge; López Arbeloa, Fernando; López Arbeloa, Iñigo; Peña-Cabrera, Eduardo
openAccess2008Amplified spontaneous emission and optical gain measurements from pyrromethene 567 - doped polymer waveguides and quasi-waveguidesCostela, A.; García, Olga; Cerdán, L.; García-Moreno, Inmaculada; Sastre, Roberto
closedAccess2010Conventional Unidirectional Laser Action Enhanced by Dye Confined in Nanoparticle ScattersEnciso, Eduardo; Costela, Angel; Garcia-Moreno, I.; Martin, Virginia; Sastre, Roberto
closedAccess2008Dielectric relaxation studies and electro-optical measurements in poly(triethylene glycol dimethacrylate)/nematic E7 composites exhibiting an anchoring breaking transitionBras, A. R. E.; García, Olga; Viciosa, M. T.; Martins, S.; Sastre, Roberto; Dias, C. J.; Figueirinhas, J. L.; Dionísio, M.
closedAccess2009Dye-Doped POSS Solutions: Random Nanomaterials for Laser EmissionCostela, A.; Garcia-Moreno, I.; Cerdán, L.; Martin, Virginia; García, Olga; Sastre, Roberto
closedAccess2006Efficient optical materials based on fluorinated-polymeric silica aerogelsGarcía, Olga; Sastre, Roberto; Agua, D. del; Garcia-Moreno, I.; Roig, Anna; Costela, A.
closedAccess2009Efficient Red-Edge Materials Photosensitized by Rhodamine 640Garcia-Moreno, I.; Costela, A.; Pintado-Sierra, Mercedes; Martin, Virginia; Sastre, Roberto
openAccess2009Enhanced laser action of Perylene-Red doped polymeric materialsGarcia-Moreno, I.; Costela, A.; Pintado-Sierra, Mercedes; Martin, Virginia; Sastre, Roberto
closedAccess2004Environment effects on the lasing photostability of Rhodamine 6G incorporated into organic-inorganic hybrid materialsCostela, A.; Garcia-Moreno, I.; Gómez, C.; García, Olga; Sastre, Roberto
closedAccess2006Fotopolimerización de la parte orgánica de composites dentalesDavidenko, Natalia; Sastre, Roberto
closedAccess2003Free Radical Reactions in Poly(methyl methacrylate) Films Monitored Using a Prefluorescent Quinoline-TEMPO SensorAspée, Alexis; García, Olga; Maretti, Luca; Sastre, Roberto; Scaiano, J. C.
closedAccess2009High-Gain Long-Lived Amplified Spontaneous Emission from Dye-Doped Fluorinated Polyimide Planar WaveguidesCerdán, L.; Costela, A.; Garcia-Moreno, I.; García, Olga; Sastre, Roberto; Calle, Mariola; Muñoz, Dulce; Abajo González, Javier de
closedAccess2004Highly efficient and stable doped hybrid organic-inorganic materials for solid-state dye lasersCostela, A.; Garcia-Moreno, I.; Gómez, C.; García, Olga; Garrido, Leoncio; Sastre, Roberto
closedAccess2010In Vitro and In Vivo Laser Treatments of Tattoos High Efficiency and Low FluencesGómez, C.; Martin, Virginia; Sastre, Roberto; Costela, A.; Garcia-Moreno, I.
closedAccess2009Kinetic Study of the Thermopolymerization of Furfuryl Methacrylate in Bulk by Mathematical Modeling. Part A: Simulation of Experimental Data and Sensitivity Analysis of Kinetic ParametersLange, Jurgen; Davidenko, Natalia; Sastre, Roberto
closedAccess2007Laser and physical properties of BODIPY chromophores in new fluorinated polymeric materialsGarcía, Olga; Sastre, Roberto; Agua, D. del; Costela, A.; Garcia-Moreno, I.; López Arbeloa, Fernando; Bañuelos, Jorge; López Arbeloa, Iñigo
closedAccess2010Laser emission from mirrorless waveguides based on photosensitized polymers incorporating POSSCerdán, L.; Costela, A.; Garcia-Moreno, I.; García, Olga; Sastre, Roberto
closedAccess2005Linear and cross-linked polymeric solid-state dye lasers based on 8-substituted alkyl analogues of pyrromethene 567Álvarez, M.; Amat-Guerri, Francisco; Costela, A.; Garcia-Moreno, I.; Gómez, C.; Liras, Marta; Sastre, Roberto
closedAccess2009Materials for a Reliable Solid-State Dye Laser at the Red Spectral EdgeGarcia-Moreno, I.; Costela, A.; Martin, Virginia; Pintado-Sierra, Mercedes; Sastre, Roberto