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openAccessPotential_energy_surface_JChemPhys_2005.pdf.jpg23-May-2005Ab initio potential-energy surface for the reaction Ca+HCl --> CaCl+HVerbockhaven, Gilles; Sanz, Cristina; Groenenboom, Gerrit C.; Roncero, Octavio; Avoird, Ad van derArtículo
openAccessCollisional_JChemPhys_2005.pdf.jpg12-Aug-2005Collisional and photoinitiated reaction dynamics in the ground electronic state of Ca–HClSanz, Cristina; Avoird, Ad van der; Roncero, OctavioArtículo
closedAccessAug-2009Differential cross sections and product rotational polarization in A + BC reactions using wave packet methods: H+ D2 and Li + HF examplesZanchet, Alexandre; Roncero, Octavio; González-Lezana, Tomás; Rodríguez-López, A.; Aguado, Alfredo; Sanz, Cristina; Gómez Carrasco, SusanaArtículo
openAccessAguado.pdf.jpg2000Global potential energy surfaces for the H+ 3 system. Analytical representation of the adiabatic ground-state 11A′ potentialAguado, Alfredo; Roncero, Octavio; Tablero, César; Sanz, Cristina; Paniagua, MiguelArtículo
openAccessSanz.pdf.jpg2001The lowest triplet state 3A′ of H3 +: Global potential energy surface and vibrational calculationsSanz, Cristina; Roncero, Octavio; Tablero, César; Aguado, Alfredo; Paniagua, MiguelArtículo
openAccessTransition_state_spectroscopy_JChemPhys_2003.pdf.jpg15-Nov-2003Transition state spectroscopy of the excited electronic states of Li–HFAguado, Alfredo; Paniagua, Miguel; Sanz, Cristina; Roncero, OctavioArtículo
closedAccess31-Jan-2008Transition-state spectroscopy of the photoinduced Ca + CH3F reaction. 3. Reaction following the local excitation to Ca(4s3d 1D)Gloaguen, Eric; Sanz, Cristina; Collier, M.; Gaveau, M.-A.; Soep, B.; Roncero, Octavio; Mestdagh, J.-M.Artículo