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closedAccess12-Apr-2005Antiproliferative activity in HL60 cells by tetrasubstituted pyrroles: a structure-activity relationship studyPadrón, José M.; Tejedor, David  ; Santos-Expósito, Alicia; García-Tellado, Fernando  ; Martín, Víctor S.; Villar, Jesúsartículo
openAccessChemo-differentiating-Garcia_Tellado.pdf.jpg18-May-2006Chemo-differentiating MCRs based on α-ketoesters and terminal alkynoates. A homoaldol-based ABB' systemTejedor, David  ; Santos-Expósito, Alicia; García-Tellado, Fernando  artículo
closedAccess12-Jun-2006A convenient entry to 5-sp2-substituted and 5,5-disubstituted tetronic acidsTejedor, David  ; Santos-Expósito, Alicia; García-Tellado, Fernando  artículo
openAccessLewis_base_catalyzed-Garcia_Tellado.pdf.jpg29-Sep-2009Lewis base-catalyzed three-component Strecker reaction on water. An efficient manifold for the direct α-cyanoamination of ketones and aldehydesCruz-Acosta, Fabio ; Santos-Expósito, Alicia; Armas, Pedro de ; García-Tellado, Fernando  artículo
openAccessModular_One-Pot-Garcia_Tellado.pdf.jpg11-Jan-2005A modular, one-pot, four-component synthesis of polysubstituted 1,3-oxazolidinesTejedor, David  ; Santos-Expósito, Alicia; González-Cruz, David ; Marrero-Tellado, José Juan ; García-Tellado, Fernando  artículo
openAccessMulticomponent domino processes-Garcia_Tellado.pdf.jpg7-Mar-2005Multicomponent domino processes based on the organocatalytic generation of conjugated acetylides: efficient synthetic manifolds for diversity-oriented molecular constructionTejedor, David  ; González-Cruz, David ; Santos-Expósito, Alicia; Marrero-Tellado, José Juan ; Armas, Pedro de ; García-Tellado, Fernando  artículo
openAccessSubstrate-Based_Garcia_Tellado.pdf.jpg22-Jan-2007A substrate-based folding process incorporating chemodifferentiating ABB' three-component reactions of terminal alkynoates and 1,2-dicarbonyl compounds: a skeletal-diversity-oriented synthetic manifoldTejedor, David  ; Santos-Expósito, Alicia; García-Tellado, Fernando  artículo
closedAccessNov-2005Synthesis and anti-breast cancer activity of tetrasubstituted pyrrole derivativesPadrón, José M.; Tejedor, David  ; Santos-Expósito, Alicia; García-Tellado, Fernando  ; Villar, Jesús; Martín, Víctor S.artículo
openAccessTrialkylamine_versus_trialkylphosphine-Garcia_Tellado.pdf.jpg17-Apr-2009Trialkylamine versus trialkylphosphine: Catalytic conjugate addition of alcohols to alkyl propiolatesTejedor, David  ; Santos-Expósito, Alicia; Méndez-Abt, Gabriela ; Ruiz-Pérez, Catalina; García-Tellado, Fernando  artículo