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openAccessSalas ML African Swine.pdf.jpg24-Jul-2015African swine fever virus assembles a single membrane derived from rupture of the endoplasmic reticulumSuárez, Cristina; Andrés, Germán ; Kolovou, A; Hoppe, S.; Salas, María Luisa; Walther, P.; Krijnse Locker, J.artículo
openAccessCIRodríguez_JVirol_3936.pdf.jpg2002African swine fever virus IAP-like protein induces the activation of nuclear factor kappa BRodríguez, Clara I.; Nogal París, María Luisa ; Carrascosa, Ángel L.; Salas, María Luisa; Fresno, Manuel ; Revilla Novella, Yolanda artículo
closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg2013African Swine fever virus morphogenesisSalas, María Luisa; Andrés, Germán artículo
closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg2013African swine fever virus transcriptionRodríguez, Javier M.  ; Salas, María Luisaartículo
openAccessWO2015091322_A1.pdf.jpg25-Jun-2015CD2 deficient african swine fever virus as live attenuated or subsequently inactivated vaccine against african swine fever in mammalsRodríguez, Fernando; Salas, María Luisasolicitud de patente
closedAccess1965Citrate inhibition of phosphofructokinase and the Pasteur effectSalas, María Luisa; Viñuela, Eladio; Salas, Margarita  ; Sols, Albertoartículo
openAccessRodriguezF_ExpressionLibraryImmunization.pdf.jpg10-Sep-2014Expression library immunization can confer protection against lethal challenge with African swine fever virusLacasta, Anna; Salas, María Luisa; Rodríguez, Fernandoartículo
openAccessML_Salas_J_ Virol.pdf.jpg2013Involvement of the reparative DNA polymerase pol X of african swine fever virus in the maintenance of viral genome stability in vivoRedrejo-Rodríguez, Modesto ; Rodríguez, Javier M.  ; Suárez, Cristina; Salas, José ; Salas, María Luisaartículo
openAccess13567_2015_Article_275.pdf.jpg20-Nov-2015Live attenuated African swine fever viruses as ideal tools to dissect the mechanisms involved in viral pathogenesis and immune protectionLacasta, Anna; Jiménez-Marín, Ángeles; Salas, María Luisa; Moreno, Ángela ; Garrido Pavón, Juan José; Rodríguez, Fernandoartículo
closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg2012Mechanism of collapse of endoplasmic reticulum cisternae during African swine fever virus infectionWindsor, Miriam; Hawes, Philippa; Monaghan, P.; Snapp, Erik; Salas, María Luisa; Rodríguez, Javier M.  ; Wileman, Thomasartículo
openAccessAGGranja_JVirol_7165.pdf.jpg2004Modulation of p53 cellular function and cell death by African Swine Fever VirusGranja, Aitor G. ; Nogal París, María Luisa ; Hurtado, Carolina ; Salas, José ; Salas, María Luisa; Carrascosa, Ángel L.; Revilla Novella, Yolanda artículo
openAccessAG.Granja_JVirol_10487.pdf.jpg2006Regulation of Inducible Nitric Oxide Synthase Expression by Viral A238L-Mediated Inhibition of p65/RelA Acetylation and p300 TransactivationGranja, Aitor G. ; Sabina, Prado ; Salas, María Luisa; Fresno, Manuel ; Revilla Novella, Yolanda artículo
openAccessWO2012107614A1.pdf.jpg16-Aug-2012Vaccine against african swine fever virus, based on replication deficient recombinant virusesSalas, María Luisa; Rodríguez, Javier M.  ; Dixon, Linda Kathleenpatente
openAccessYRevilla_JImmunol_451.pdf.jpgJan-2006The Viral Protein A238L Inhibits TNF-α Expression through a CBP/p300 Transcriptional Coactivators PathwayGranja, Aitor G. ; Nogal París, María Luisa ; Hurtado, Carolina ; Aguila, Carmen del; Carrascosa, Ángel L.; Salas, María Luisa; Fresno, Manuel ; Revilla Novella, Yolanda artículo