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openAccessJimenez_etal_WaterQuality_PTA_JEQ-2014.pdf.jpg2-Jan-2015A methodological approach for spatiotemporally analyzing water-polluting effluents in agricultural landscapes using partial triadic analysis (PTA)Jiménez, Juan J.  ; Darwiche-Criado, Nadia ; Sorando, Ricardo  ; Comín, Francisco A.  ; Sánchez-Pérez, José Miguelartículo
closedAccess13-May-2018Evaluation of riparian groundwaters quality using microalgal response to pollutantsChamsi, O.; Navarro, Enrique  ; Sánchez-Pérez, José Miguel; Sauvage, Sabine; Comín, Francisco A.  ; Antiguedad, I.; Bodoque, J. M.; Charcosset, J.; Pinelli, E.comunicación de congreso
openAccessDarwiche-Criado_etal-Identifying river water Mediterranean basin2015.pdf.jpg1-Oct-2015Identifying spatial and seasonal patterns of river water quality in a semiarid irrigated agricultural Mediterranean basinDarwiche-Criado, Nadia ; Jiménez, Juan J.  ; Comín, Francisco A.  ; Sorando, Ricardo  ; Sánchez-Pérez, José Miguelartículo
openAccessYao 2017 post-print.pdf.jpg2017Macroinvertebrate community traits and nitrate removal in stream sedimentsYao, Jingmei; Colas, Fanny; Solimini, A. G.; Battin, T. J.; Gafny, S.; Morais, M.; Puig, Mariàngels  ; Martí, Eugènia ; Push, M.; Voreadou, C.; Sabater, Francesc ; Julien, Frédéric; Sánchez-Pérez, José Miguel; Sauvage, Sabine; Vervier, P.; Gerino, M.artículo
openAccessDarwiche-Criado et al. 2014. Seasonal variability of NO3.pdf.jpg2015Seasonal variability of NO3 - mobilization during flood events in a Mediterranean catchment: The influence of intensive agricultural irrigationDarwiche-Criado, Nadia ; Comín, Francisco A.  ; Sorando, Ricardo  ; Sánchez-Pérez, José Miguelartículo