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2008Chemokine signaling controls intracortical migration and final distribution of GABAergic interneuronsLópez-Bendito, Guillermina; Sánchez Alcañiz, Juan Antonio; Pla, Ramón; Borrell, V.; Picó, Esther; Valdeolmillos, Miguel; Marín Parra, OscarArtículo
13-Jan-2011Cxcr7 Controls Neuronal Migration by Regulating Chemokine ResponsivenessSánchez Alcañiz, Juan Antonio; Haege, Sammy; Mueller, Wiebke; Pla, Ramón; Mackay, Fabienne; Schulz, Stefan; López-Bendito, Guillermina; Stumm, Ralf; Marín Parra, OscarArtículo
2006Tangential neuronal migration controls axon guidance: a role for neuregulin-1 in thalamocortical axon navigationLópez-Bendito, Guillermina; Cautinat, A.; Sánchez Alcañiz, Juan Antonio; Bielle, F.; Flames, Nuria; Garratt, A. N.; Talmage, D. A.; Role, L.W.; Charnay, P.; Marín Parra, Oscar; Garel, S.Artículo
11-Oct-2007Treatment of disorders caused by changes in neurone axonal developmentMarín Parra, Oscar; Rico Gonzalo, Beatriz; López-Bendito, Guillermina; Flames, Nuria; Lorenzo Vidal, Sonia; Sánchez Alcañiz, Juan AntonioPatente

Showing results 1 to 4 of 4