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RightsIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
closedAccess2010An assessment of the effects of winevolatiles on the perception of taste and astringency in wineSáenz-Navajas, María-Pilar; Fernández-Zurbano, Purificación
closedAccess2010Characterization of taste-active fractions in red wine combining HPLC fractionation, sensory analysis and ultra performance liquid chromatography coupled with mass spectrometry detectionSáenz-Navajas, María-Pilar; Ferreira, Vicente; Dizy, Marta; Fernández-Zurbano, Purificación
closedAccess2012Contribution of Nonvolatile Composition to Wine FlavorSáenz-Navajas, María-Pilar; Fernández-Zurbano, Purificación; Ferreira, Vicente
closedAccess7-Apr-2010Effects of the Nonvolatile Matrix on the Aroma Perception of WineSáenz-Navajas, María-Pilar; Fernández-Zurbano, Purificación
closedAccess2012Insights on the chemical basis of the astringency of Spanish red winesSáenz-Navajas, María-Pilar; Avizcuri, J. M.; Ferreira, Vicente; Fernández-Zurbano, Purificación
closedAccess2011Pigment composition and color parameters of commercial Spanish red wine samples: Linkage to quality perceptionSáenz-Navajas, María-Pilar; Echavarri, F.; Ferreira, Vicente; Fernández-Zurbano, Purificación
closedAccess2010Relationship between Nonvolatile Composition and Sensory Properties of Premium Spanish Red Wines and Their Correlation to Quality PerceptionSáenz-Navajas, María-Pilar; Dizy, Marta; Fernández-Zurbano, Purificación
closedAccess2011Sensory properties of extra-premium Spanish red wines and their implication in wine quality perception.Sáenz-Navajas, María-Pilar; Martín-López, V.; Ferreira, P.; Fernández-Zurbano, Purificación
closedAccess15-Jul-2009Study of hydroxycinnamic acids and malvidin 3-monoglucoside derivatives using capillary zone electrophoresis and ultra-performance liquid chromatographySáenz-Navajas, María-Pilar; Tena, María Teresa; Fernández, M. P.