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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2009A Case-Based approach for Coordinated Action Selection in Robot SoccerRos, Raquel; Arcos, Josep Ll.; Lopez de Mantaras, Ramon; Veloso, ManuelaArtículo
2010Analysing the behaviour of robot teams through relational sequential pattern miningBombini, Grazia; Ros, Raquel; Ferilli, Stefano; Lopez de Mantaras, RamonComunicación de congreso
2007Beyond Individualism: Modeling Team Playing Behavior in Robot Soccer Through Case-Based ReasoningRos, Raquel; Veloso, Manuela; López de Mantaras, Ramón; Sierra, Carles; Arcos, Josep Ll.Comunicación de congreso
2009Improving Reinforcement Learning by using Case-Based HeuristicsBianchi, Reinaldo; Ros, Raquel; Lopez de Mantaras, RamonArtículo
2006Retrieving and Reusing Game Plays for Robot SoccerRos, Raquel; Veloso, Manuela; Lopez de Mantaras, Ramon; Sierra, Carles; Arcos, Josep Ll.Artículo
2007Team Playing Behavior in Robot Soccer: A Case-Based Reasoning ApproachRos, Raquel; Lopez de Mantaras, Ramon; Arcos, Josep Ll.; Veloso, ManuelaArtículo

Showing results 1 to 6 of 6