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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2011Chemical Diffusion Through p-n Mixed Ionic Electronic JunctionsRoqueta, Jaume; Santiso, JoséPóster
2013Chemical strain kinetics induced by oxygen surface exchange in epitaxial films explored by time-resolved x-ray diffractionMoreno, Roberto; García, Pablo; Zapata, James; Roqueta, Jaume; Chaigneau, Julienne; Santiso, JoséArtículo
2013Competing misfit relaxation mechanisms in epitaxial correlated oxidesSandiumenge, Felip; Santiso, José; Balcells, Lluis; Konstantinović, Z.; Roqueta, Jaume; Pomar, Alberto; Espinós, Juan Pedro; Martínez, BenjamínArtículo
2011Defects in layered-structure mixed ionic-electronic GdBaCo2O5.5 and La2NiO4 epitaxial films and their role in charge transportZapata, James; Apostolidis, Alexandra; Roqueta, Jaume; Burriel, Mónica; Santiso, JoséPóster
2013Effect of laser radiation on multi-wall carbon nanotubes: study of shell structure and immobilization processGyorgy, Eniko; Pérez del Pino, A.; Roqueta, Jaume; Ballesteros, Belén; Cabana, Laura; Tobias, GerardArtículo
Jul-2011Effects of pulsed laser radiation on epitaxial self-assembled Ge quantum dots grown on Si substratesPérez del Pino, A.; Gyorgy, Eniko; Marcus, I. C.; Roqueta, Jaume; Alonso, M. IsabelArtículo
May-2010Electronic nature of the enhanced conductivity in YSZ-STO multilayers deposited by PLDCavallaro, Andrea; Burriel, Mónica; Roqueta, Jaume; Apostolidis, Alexandra; Bernardi, Alessandro; Tarancón Rubio, Albert; Kilner, John A.; Santiso, JoséArtículo
2012Epitaxial growth of Nb-doped SrTiO3 films by pulsed laser depositionMarkovich, M.; Roqueta, Jaume; Santiso, JoséArtículo
2010Influence of the Microstructure on the High-Temperature Transport Properties of GdBaCo2O5.5+δ Epitaxial FilmsBurriel, Mónica; Zapata, James; Solís, Cecilia; Roqueta, Jaume; Skinner, Stephen J.; Kilner, John A.; Santiso, JoséArtículo
2010Magnetic, structural properties and B-site order of two epitaxial La2CoMnO6 films with perpendicular out-of-plane orientationBarón-González, A. J.; Frontera Beccaria, Carlos; Garcia Muñoz, Josep Lluis; Roqueta, Jaume; Santiso, JoséArtículo
2011Orientation Control of Pulsed Laser Deposited Fluorite-Perovskite Epitaxial HeterostructuresCavallaro, Andrea; Bachelet, Romain; Apostolidis, Alexandra; Roqueta, Jaume; Ballesteros, Belén; Santiso, JoséPóster
2013Processing and immobilization of chondroitin-4-sulphate by UV laser radiationGyorgy, Eniko; Pérez del Pino, A.; Roqueta, Jaume; Sánchez, Clément; Oliva, A. G.Artículo
2011Processing and immobilization of enzyme Ribonuclease A through laser irradiationPopescu, C.; Roqueta, Jaume; Pérez del Pino, A.; Gyorgy, EnikoArtículo
2011Synthesis and Laser Immobilization onto Solid Substrates of CdSe/ZnS Core-Shell Quantum DotsGyorgy, Eniko; Pérez del Pino, A.; Roqueta, Jaume; Ballesteros, BelénArtículo
2013Thickness evolution of the twin structure and shear strain in LSMO filmsSantiso, José; Balcells, Lluis; Konstantinović, Z.; Roqueta, Jaume; Ferrer, Pilar; Pomar, Alberto; Martínez, Benjamín; Sandiumenge, FelipArtículo

Showing results 1 to 15 of 15