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openAccess2014Complément à l’inventaire des mollusques de GuyaneLamy, Dominique; Martin, Daniel; Romano, Chiara; Pititto, Francesco; Mura, Maria Paola; Gil, João; Pointier, Jean-Pierre; Massemin, David; Schvartz, Thibault; Dutrieux, EricArtículo
closedAccess22-Jan-2009The distribution of megabenthic, invertebrate epifauna in the Balearic Basin (western Mediterranean) between 400 and 2300 m: Environmental gradients influencing assemblages composition and biomass trendsCartes, Joan Enric; Maynou, Francesc; Fanelli, Emanuela; Romano, Chiara; Mamouridis, Valeria; Papiol, VanesaArtículo
openAccess2014 DM Bessette post-print.pdf.jpg2014Diversity of bacterial communities on sunken woods in the Mediterranean SeaBessette, S.; Fagervold, S. K.; Romano, Chiara; Martin, Daniel; Le Bris, N.; Galand, Pierre E.Artículo
openAccessPiO 2013 Fagervold.pdf.jpg2013Microbial communities associated with the degradation of oak wood in the Blanes submarine canyon and its adjacent open slope (NW Mediterranean)Fagervold, S. K.; Bessette, S.; Romano, Chiara; Martin, Daniel; Plyuscheva, M.; Le Bris, N.; Galand, Pierre E.Artículo
openAccesschiara.pdf.jpg7-May-2014Microbial Communities in Sunken Wood Are Structured by Wood-Boring Bivalves and Location in a Submarine CanyonFagervold, S. K.; Romano, Chiara; Kalenitchenko, Dimitri; Borowski, Christian; Nunes-Jorge, Amandine; Martin, Daniel; Galand, Pierre E.Artículo
openAccessChiara Romano.pdf.jpg25-Jul-2014Morphological and Genetic Diversity of the Wood-Boring Xylophaga (Mollusca, Bivalvia): New Species and Records from Deep-Sea Iberian CanyonsRomano, Chiara; Voight, J. R.; Pérez-Portela, R.; Martin, DanielArtículo
openAccessinfaunal_dynamics_Ingels.pdf.jpg2013Spatial and temporal infaunal dynamics of the Blanes submarine canyon-slope system (NW Mediterranean); changes in nematode standing stocks, feeding types and gender-life stage ratiosIngels, Jeroen; Vanreusel, Ann; Romano, Chiara; Coenjaerts, J.; Flexas, María del Mar; Zúñiga, Diana ; Martin, DanielArtículo
openAccessPiO 2013 Romano Meiofauna.pdf.jpgNov-2013Spatial and temporal variability of meiobenthic density in the Blanes submarine canyon (NW Mediterranean)Romano, Chiara; Coenjaerts, J.; Flexas, María del Mar; Zúñiga, Diana ; Vanreusel, Ann; Company, Joan B.; Martin, DanielArtículo
closedAccessPiO 2013 Romano Xylophaga.pdf.jpgNov-2013Submarine canyons as the preferred habitat for wood-boring species of Xylophaga (Mollusca, Bivalvia)Romano, Chiara; Voight, J. R.; Company, Joan B.; Plyuscheva, M.; Martin, DanielArtículo
openAccess2011The effect of the presence of the shore crab, Carcinus maenas (L., 1758), on the burrowing behaviour and clearance rate of the common cockle, Cerastoderma edule (L., 1758).Romano, Chiara; Sarà, G.; Salvo, G.; Bishop, J.; Mazzola, A.; Widdows, J.Artículo
closedAccess27-Apr-2010Trophodynamic effects of trawling on the feeding ecology of pandora, Pagellus erythrinus, off the northern Sicily coast (Mediterranean Sea)Fanelli, Emanuela; Badalamenti, F.; D'Anna, G.; Pipitone, C.; Romano, ChiaraArtículo