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RightsIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
openAccessOct-2010A tree-loop duality relation at two loops and beyondBierenbaum, Isabella; Catani, Stefano; Rodrigo, Germán; Draggiotis, Petros
openAccess21-Mar-2014Boosted objects and jet substructure at the LHC. Report of BOOST2012, held at IFIC Valencia, 23rd–27th of July 2012Altheimer, A.; Fassi, F.; González de la Hoz, Santiago; Kaci, Mohamed; Oliver García, Elena; Rodrigo, Germán; Salt, José; Sánchez Martínez, Victoria; Villaplana Pérez, Miguel; Vos, Marcel, et al
openAccess15-Sep-2009Constraining heavy colored resonances from top-antitop quark eventsRodrigo, Germán; Ferrario, Paola
openAccess7-Jun-2007Fermion masses and the UV cutoff of the minimal realistic SU(5) modelDorsner, Ilja; Pérez, Pavel F.; Rodrigo, Germán
openAccess7-May-2008From loops to trees by-passing Feynman's theoremCatani, Stefano; Gleisberg, Tanju; Krauss, Frank; Rodrigo, Germán; Winter, Jan-Christopher
openAccess1-May-2010Gauge mediated supersymmetry breaking via seesaw mechanismsRodrigo, Germán; Spinner, Sogee; Iminniyaz, Hoernisa; Pérez, Pavel F.
openAccess13-Feb-2010Heavy colored resonances in t(t)over-bar + jet at the LHCFerrario, Paola; Rodrigo, Germán
openAccess14-Apr-2007On unification and nucleon decay in supersymmetric grand unified theories based on SU(5)Dorsner, Ilja; Pérez, Pavel F.; Rodrigo, Germán
openAccessApr-2010Quest for precision in hadronic cross sections at low energy: Monte Carlo tools vs. experimental dataRodrigo, Germán; Actis, S.; Arbuzov, A.; Balossini, G.; Beltrame, P.; Bignamini, C.; Bonciani, Roberto; Calame, C. M. Carloni; Cherepanov, V.; Czakon, M., et al
closedAccess6-Jan-2009A simple coloured indicator for monitoring ultra high pressure processing conditionsFernández García, Avelina; Butz, Peter; Corrales, Margarita; Lindauer, Ralf; Picouet, Pierre; Rodrigo, Germán; Tauscher, Bernhard
openAccess3-Jan-2008Top quarks, axigluons and charge asymmetries at hadron collidersAntuñano, Óscar; Kühn, Johann H.; Rodrigo, Germán
openAccess9-Apr-1998αs(mZ) from τ decays with matching conditions at three loopsRodrigo, Germán; Pich, Antonio; Santamaría, Arcadi