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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
20091H HR-MAS and genomic analysis of human tumor biopsies discriminate between high and low grade astrocytomasRighi, Valeria; Roda, José M.; Rodríguez-Tarduchy, Gemma; Barrios, Laura; Cerdán, Sebastián; García-Martín, María L.Artículo
2011Determination of enzymatic activities and metabolites in microliter sample sizeGünther Sillero, María A.; Diego, Anabel de; Rodríguez-Tarduchy, Gemma; Sillero, AntonioArtículo
2008Early effects of copper accumulation on methionine metabolismDelgado, Miguel; Pérez-Miguelsanz, Juliana; Garrido, Francisco; Rodríguez-Tarduchy, Gemma; Pérez-Sala, Dolores; Pajares, María A.Artículo
Feb-1994Growth factors as survival factors: Regulation of apoptosisCollins, Mary K. L.; Perkins, Gordon R.; Rodríguez-Tarduchy, Gemma; Nieto, M. Ángela; López-Rivas, AbelardoArtículo

Showing results 1 to 4 of 4