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RightsIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
openAccess20-Apr-2009Are the high-growth recovery periods over?Rodríguez Mendizábal, Hugo; Camacho, Máximo; Pérez Quirós, Gabriel
openAccess29-Nov-2009Asymmetric Standing Facilities: An Unexploited Monetary Policy ToolPérez Quirós, Gabriel; Rodríguez Mendizábal, Hugo
openAccess3-Jan-2004The Behavior of Money velocity in Low and High Inflation CountriesRodríguez Mendizábal, Hugo
openAccess28-Nov-2003Credit Markets and the Propagation of Monetary Policy ShocksBohacek, Radim; Rodríguez Mendizábal, Hugo
openAccess3-Feb-2003The Daily Market for Funds in Europe: What Has Changed with the EMU?Pérez Quirós, Gabriel; Rodríguez Mendizábal, Hugo
openAccess2009Endogenous Financial IntermediationBohácek, Radim; Rodríguez Mendizábal, Hugo
openAccess14-Apr-2011High-growth recoveries, inventories and the Great ModerationCamacho, Máximo; Pérez Quirós, Gabriel; Rodríguez Mendizábal, Hugo
openAccess21-Oct-2003How tight should one's hands be tied? Fear of floating and credibility of exchange rate regimesRodríguez Mendizábal, Hugo; Rodríguez-López, Jesús
openAccess20-Feb-2004Interest Rate Determination in the Interbank MarketGaspar, Vitor; Pérez Quirós, Gabriel; Rodríguez Mendizábal, Hugo
openAccess15-Mar-2011Misallocation of Capital in a Model of Endogenous Financial Intermediation and InsuranceBohacek, Radim; Rodríguez Mendizábal, Hugo
openAccess1-Apr-2002On the Choice of an Exchange Rate Regime: Target Zones RevisitedRodríguez-López, Jesús; Rodríguez Mendizábal, Hugo
openAccess27-May-2005On the Identification of Monetary (and Other) ShocksMenner, Martin; Rodríguez Mendizábal, Hugo
openAccessSep-2010El posible papel de una utilización asimétrica de las facilidades permanentes en la gestión de la liquidezPérez Quirós, Gabriel; Rodríguez Mendizábal, Hugo