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RightsIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
closedAccess1996A neo-clerodane diterpenoid from Scutellaria baicalensisHussein, Ahmed A.; De La Torre, Maria; Jimeno, M. Luisa; Rodríguez, Benjamín; Bruno, Maurizio; Piozzi, Franco; Servettaz, Orieta
openAccess1981Carbon-13 NMR spectra of some ent-rosane diterpenoidsGarcía-Alvarez, María C.; Rodríguez, Benjamín; Valverde, Serafín; Fraga, Braulio M.; González, Antonio G.
closedAccess2004H-1 and C-13 NMR spectral assignments and conformational analysis of 14 19-nor-neoclerodane diterpenoidsRodríguez, Benjamín; Jimeno, M. Luisa
closedAccess2007Kaurane diterpenes protect against apoptosis and inhibition of phagocytosis in activated macrophagesHeras, Beatriz de las; Hortelano, Sonsoles; Rodríguez, Benjamín; Boscá, Lisardo
closedAccess2004NMR and x-ray conformational study of artemisiifolin and three other related germacranolidesJimeno, M. Luisa; Apreda-Rojas, María del Carmen; Cano, Félix H.; Rodríguez, Benjamín
closedAccess1995Rearranged neo-clerodane diterpenoids from Teucrium brevifolium and their biogenetic pathwayRodríguez, Benjamín; Torre, María C. de la; Jimeno, M. Luisa; Bruno, Maurizio; Fazio, Caterina; Piozzi, Franco; Savona, Giuseppe; Perales, Aurea
closedAccess2007Structural and spectral assignment of a new diterpenoid isolated from Ballota undulata and a complete H-1 and C-13 NMR data assignment for three other structurally related compoundsHussein, Ahmed A.; Jimeno, M. Luisa; Rodríguez, Benjamín
closedAccess2008Supression of inflammatory responses by labdane-type diterpenoidsGirón, Natalia; Través, Paqui G.; Rodríguez, Benjamín; López-Fontal, Raquel; Boscá, Lisardo; Hortelano, Sonsoles; Heras, Beatriz de las
closedAccess2010Synthesis of furanoid and pyranoid C-1 aryl glycals by reaction of glycosyl chlorides with organolithium reagentsGómez, Ana M.; Casillas, Marta; Rodríguez, Benjamín; Valverde, Serafín; López, J. Cristobal