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2010Expression of Mytilus immune genes in response to experimental challenges varied according to the site of collectionLi, Hui; Venier, Paola; Prado-Álvarez, María; Gestal, C.; Toubiana, Mylène; Quartesan, Rosita; Borghesan, Fabio; Novoa, Beatriz; Figueras, Antonio; Roch, PhilippeArtículo
2009Functional and molecular immune response of Mediterranean mussel (Mytilus galloprovincialis) haemocytes against pathogen-associated molecular patterns and bacteriaCosta, M. M.; Prado-Álvarez, María; Gestal, C.; Li, Hui; Roch, Philippe; Novoa, Beatriz; Figueras, AntonioArtículo
7-Nov-2011Massively parallel amplicon sequencing reveals isotype-specific variability of antimicrobial peptide transcripts in Mytilus galloprovincialisRossani, U.; Varotto, Laura; Rossi, A.; Roch, Philippe; Novoa, Beatriz; Figueras, Antonio; Pallavicini, Alberto; Venier, PaolaArtículo
2008Study of diseases and the immune system of bivalves using molecular biology and genomicsGestal, C.; Roch, Philippe; Renault, Tristan; Pallavicini, Alberto; Paillard, Christine; Novoa, Beatriz; Oubella, Radouane; Venier, Paola; Figueras, AntonioArtículo

Showing results 1 to 4 of 4