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15-Mar-2013A combined strategy involving Sanger and 454 pyrosequencing increases genomic resources to aid in the management of reproduction, disease control and genetic selection in the turbot (Scophthalmus maximus)Ribas, Laia; Pardo, Belén G.; Fernández, Carlos; Álvarez-Dios, José A.; Gómez-Tato, Antonio; Quiroga, María Isabel; Planas, Josep V.; Sitjà-Bobadilla, Ariadna; Martínez, Paulino; Piferrer, FrancescArtículo
2011An epigenetic mechanism involved in temperature-induced sex ratio shifts in fish populationsNavarro-Martín, Laia; Viñas, Jordi; Ribas, Laia; Díaz, Noelia; Gutiérrez, Arantxa; Di Croce, Luciano; Piferrer, FrancescPóster
2010An epigenetic mechanism mediating temperature effects on fish sex ratiosNavarro-Martín, Laia; Viñas, Jordi; Gutiérrez, Arantxa; Díaz, Noelia; Ribas, Laia; Vanezis, Konstantinos; Di Croce, Luciano; Piferrer, FrancescComunicación de congreso
2009Analysis of the gonadal transcriptome during sex determination, sex differentiation and gonadal maturation in the sea bass (Dicentrarchus labrax) and turbot (Scophthalmus maximus) by 454 sequencing and two specific oligo-based microarraysRibas, Laia; Crespo, Berta; Díaz, Noelia; Gómez, A.; Pardo, Belén G.; Reinhardt, Richard; MacKenzie, Simon; Martínez, Paulino; Zanuy, Silvia; Piferrer, FrancescPóster
2012Annotation pipeline for 454 assembly of sea bass gonads using model fishes and other databasesXavier, D.; Rodriguez, J. M.; Moran, F.; Crespo, Berta; Gómez, A.; Ribas, Laia; Piferrer, FrancescComunicación de congreso
2011Aplicació de la piroseqüenciació per a la recerca de gens implicats en la diferenciació gonadal dels peixosRibas, Laia; Martínez, Paulino; Piferrer, FrancescComunicación de congreso
26-Mar-2008Comparative analysis of the acute response of the trout, O. mykiss, head kidney to in vivo challenge with virulent and attenuated infectious hematopoietic necrosis virus and LPS-induced inflammationMacKenzie, Simon; Balasch, Joan C.; Novoa, Beatriz; Ribas, Laia; Roher, N.; Krasnov, Aleksei; Figueras, AntonioArtículo
2012Daily thermocycles alter larval development and sex differentiation of fishVillamizar, N.; Blanco-Vives, L. M.; Vera, L. M.; Ramos, J.; Bayarri, M. J.; Ribas, Laia; Piferrer, Francesc; Mañanós, E.; Sánchez-Vázquez, F. J.Comunicación de congreso
29-Dec-2011DNA Methylation of the Gonadal Aromatase (cyp19a) Promoter Is Involved in Temperature-Dependent Sex Ratio Shifts in the European Sea BassNavarro-Martín, Laia; Viñas, Jordi; Ribas, Laia; Díaz, Noelia; Gutiérrez, A.; Di Croce, Luciano; Piferrer, FrancescArtículo
23-Oct-2014Effects of Changes in Food Supply at the Time of Sex Differentiation on the Gonadal Transcriptome of Juvenile Fish. Implications for Natural and Farmed PopulationsDíaz, Noelia; Ribas, Laia; Piferrer, FrancescArtículo
Jul-2013Effects of high water temperature during early development on the zebrafish gonadal transcriptomeRibas, Laia; Liew, Woei-Chang; Díaz, Noelia; Sreenivasan, Rajini; Piferrer, Francesc; Orban, LaszloPóster
2012Environmental influences on fish sex determination and differentiationPiferrer, Francesc; Ribas, Laia; Díaz, Noelia; Anastasiadi, DafniComunicación de congreso
2010Epigenetic mechanisms mediating environmental influences on fish basic functions.Piferrer, Francesc; Ribas, Laia; Díaz, Noelia; Vanezis, KonstantinosComunicación de congreso
2011Epigenetics and fish sex ratios: the case of the sea bassNavarro-Martín, Laia; Viñas, Jordi; Ribas, Laia; Díaz, Noelia; Gutiérrez, Arantxa; Di Croce, Luciano; Piferrer, FrancescPóster
6-Sep-2013Epigenomics in aquaculture: prospects and challengesPiferrer, Francesc; Anastasiadi, Dafni; Díaz, Noelia; Ribas, LaiaComunicación de congreso
2012Functional Genomic analysis of sex determination and differentiation in teleost fishPiferrer, Francesc; Martínez, Paulino; Ribas, Laia; Viñas, Ana; Díaz, NoeliaCapítulo de libro
2012Genetic and environmental influences on zebrafish sex ratiosRibas, Laia; Díaz, Noelia; Anastasiadi, Dafni; Piferrer, FrancescPóster
29-Sep-2014Genetic architecture of sex determination in fish: Applications to sex ratio control in aquacultureMartínez, Paulino; Viñas, Ana M.; Sanchez, Laura; Díaz, Noelia; Ribas, Laia; Piferrer, FrancescArtículo
Oct-2012Genomic Approaches to Study Genetic and Environmental Influences on Fish Sex Determination and DifferentiationPiferrer, Francesc; Ribas, Laia; Díaz, NoeliaArtículo
2011Genomic approaches to study genetic and environmental influences on fish sex determination and differentiationRibas, Laia; Díaz, Noelia; Piferrer, FrancescComunicación de congreso

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