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openAccessKling.pdf.jpg2010Corneal biomechanical changes after collagen cross-linking from porcine eye inflation experiments.Kling, Sabine; Remón, Laura; Pérez-Escudero, Alfonso ; Merayo-Lloves, Jesús; Marcos, Susana  artículo
openAccessDorronsoro.pdf.jpg2009Experimental evaluation of optimized ablation patterns for laser refractive surgeryDorronsoro, Carlos ; Remón, Laura; Merayo-Lloves, Jesús; Marcos, Susana  artículo
closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg2009Minor influence of myopic laser in situ keratomileusis on the posterior corneal surfacePérez-Escudero, Alfonso ; Dorronsoro, Carlos ; Sawides, Lucie; Remón, Laura; Merayo-Lloves, Jesús; Marcos, Susana  artículo
openAccessOrtiz.pdf.jpg2009Optical coherence tomography for quantitative surface topographyOrtiz, Sergio ; Siedlecki, Damian; Remón, Laura; Marcos, Susana  artículo
closedAccess26-Jan-2010Optical distortion correction in Optical Coherence Tomography for quantitative ocular anterior segment by three-dimensional imagingOrtiz, Sergio ; Siedlecki, Damian; Grulkowski, Ireneusz; Remón, Laura; Pascual, Daniel ; Wojtkowski, Maciej; Marcos, Susana  artículo
openAccessSuitability_of_Filofocon.pdf.jpg3-Dec-2008Suitability of Filofocon A and PMMA for experimental models in excimer laser ablation refractive surgeryDorronsoro, Carlos ; Siegel, Jan  ; Remón, Laura; Marcos, Susana  artículo
openAccessOrtiz.pdf.jpg2009Three-dimensional ray tracing on Delaunay-based reconstructed surfacesOrtiz, Sergio ; Siedlecki, Damian; Remón, Laura; Marcos, Susana  artículo