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RightsIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
closedAccess1989IL-2 protects T cell hybrids from the cytolytic effect of glucocorticoids. Synergistic effect of IL-2 and dexamethasone in the induction of high-affinity IL-2 receptorsFernández-Ruiz, Elena; Rebollo, Angelita; Nieto, M. Ángela; Sanz, Eva; Somoza, Chamorro; Ramírez, Francisco; López-Rivas, Abelardo; Silva, Augusto
openAccess26-Apr-2006Methods of screening apoptosis modulating compounds, compounds identified by said methods and use of said compounds as therapeutic agentsGarcia, Alphonse; Cayla, Xavier; Rebollo, Angelita; Ayllón, Verónica; Fleischer, Aarne
openAccess14-Jan-2010Péptidos sintéticos o naturales que unen la proteína fosfatasa 2A, procedimiento de identificación y usosGarcia, Alphonse; Cayla, Xavier; Rebollo, Angelita; Langsley, Gordon
openAccessNov-1998Role of Akt and c-Jun N-terminal Kinase 2 in Apoptosis Induced by Interleukin-4 DeprivationCerezo, Ana; Martínez-Alonso, Carlos; Lanzarot, Diego; Fischer, Siegmund; Franke, Thomas F.; Rebollo, Angelita
openAccess23-Apr-2013Specific Targeting of Caspase-9/PP2A Interaction as Potential New Anti-Cancer TherapyArrouss, Issam; Nemati, Fariba; Roncal, Fernando; Wislez, Marie; Dorgham, Karim; Vallerand, David; Rabbe, Nathalie; Karboul, Narjesse; Carlotti, Françoise; Bravo, Jerónimo, et al
openAccess2005Synthetic or natural peptides binding protein phosphatase 2A, identification method and usesGarcia, Alphonse; Cayla, Xavier; Rebollo, Angelita; Langsley, Gordon