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openAccessRazgour_et_al-2018-Molecular_Ecology_Resources.pdf.jpg2018An integrated framework to identify wildlife populations under threat from climate changeRazgour, Orly; Taggart, John B.; Manel, Stephanie; Juste, Javier ; Ibáñez, Carlos ; Rebelo, Hugo; Alberdi, Antxón  ; Jones, Gareth; Park, Kirstyartículo
openAccessCenteno-Cuadros_etal19_JZERS_R2.pdf.jpg2019Comparative phylogeography and asymmetric hybridization between cryptic bat speciesCenteno-Cuadros, A. ; Razgour, Orly; García-Mudarra, Juan L. ; Mingo-Casas, Patricia; Sandonís, Virginia; Redondo, Andrián; Ibáñez, Carlos ; Paz, Óscar de; Martínez-Alos, Susana; Pérez-Suárez, Gonzalo; Echevarría, Juan E.; Juste, Javier artículo
openAccessIbáñez.pdf.jpg2019Considering adaptive genetic variation in climate change vulnerability assessment reduces species range loss projectionsRazgour, Orly; Forester, B.; Taggart, J.B.; Bekaert, M.; Juste, Javier ; Ibáñez, Carlos ; Puechmaille, S.J.; Novella-Fernandez, R.; Alberdi, A.; Manel, S.artículo
openAccessNatureComm.pdf.jpg2020DNA metabarcoding and spatial modelling link diet diversification with distribution homogeneity in European batsAlberdi, Antton; Razgour, Orly; Aizpurua, O.; Novella-Fernández, R.; Aihartza, J.; Budinski, I.; Garin, I.; Ibáñez, Carlos ; [et al.]artículo
openAccessRazgour_Diversity  Distributions_Manuscript_with figures.pdf.jpg2014Scale-dependent effects of landscape variables on gene flow and population structure in batsRazgour, Orly; Rebelo, Hugo; Puechmaille, Sébastien J.; Juste, Javier ; Ibáñez, Carlos ; Kiefer, Andreas; Burke, Terry; Dawson, Deborah A.; Jones, Garethartículo
openAccessele12158.pdf.jpg2013The shaping of genetic variation in edge-of-range populations under past and future climate changeRazgour, Orly; Juste, Javier ; Ibáñez, Carlos ; Kiefer, Andreas; Rebelo, Hugo; Puechmaille, Sébastien J.; Arlettaz, Raphaël; Burke, Terry; Dawson, Deborah A.; Beaumont, Mark; Jones, Garethartículo
openAccessRazgour et al. 2015_MolEcol_Manuscript_Resubmission_f.pdf.jpg2015Unravelling the evolutionary history and future prospects of endemic species restricted to former glacial refugiaRazgour, Orly; Salicini, Irene; Ibáñez, Carlos ; Randi, Ettore; Juste, Javier artículo