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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
Feb-2007Cosac, the cometary sampling and composition experiment on philaeGoesmann, Fred; Rosenbauer, Helmut; Roll, Reinhard; Szopa, Cyril; Raulin, François; Sternberg, Robert; Guy, Israel; Meierhenrich, Uwe; Thiemann, Wolfram; Muñoz-Caro, Guillermo M.Artículo
31-Oct-2006The limitations on organic detection in Mars-like soils by thermal volatilization–gas chromatography–MS and their implications for the Viking resultsNavarro-González, Rafael; Navarro, Karina F.; Rosa, José de la; Iñíguez, Enrique; Molina, Paola; Miranda, Luis D.; Morales, Pedro; Cienfuegos, Edith; Coll, Patrice; Raulin, François; Amils, Ricardo; McKay, Christopher P.Artículo
18-Oct-2005Nitrogen Fixation By Corona Discharge On The Early Precambrian EarthNna Mvondo, Delphine; Navarro-González, Rafael; Raulin, François; Coll, PatriceArtículo
10-Jul-2001Production of nitrogen oxides by lightning and coronae discharges in simulated early Earth, Venus and Mars environmentsNna Mvondo, Delphine; Navarro-González, Rafael; McKay, Christopher P.; Coll, Patrice; Raulin, FrançoisArtículo

Showing results 1 to 4 of 4