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2010Color-stabilizing effect of lactate on ground beef is packaging-dependentSuman, S.P.; Mancini, R.A.; Joseph, P.; Ramanathan, Ravishankar; Konda, M.K.R.; Dady, G.; Naveena, B.M.; López López, InésArtículo
2010Effects of lactate and modified atmospheric packaging on premature browning in cooked ground beef pattiesMancini, R.A.; Ramanathan, Ravishankar; Suman, S.P.; Konda, M.K.R.; Joseph, P.; Dady, G.A.; Naveena, B.M.; López López, InésArtículo
19-Dec-2011Exploring one-state downhill protein folding in single moleculesJianwei, Liu; Campos, Luis A.; Cerminara, Michele; Wang, Xiang; Ramanathan, Ravishankar; Douglas, S. English; Muñoz, VictorArtículo
27-Jan-2009Waltzing α-helicesMuñoz van den Eynde, Víctor; Ramanathan, RavishankarArtículo

Showing results 1 to 4 of 4