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openAccesssensors-09-08438.pdf.jpg26-Oct-2009A novel morphometry-based protocol of automated video-image analysis for species recognition and activity rhythms monitoring in deep-sea faunaAguzzi, Jacopo; Costa, Corrado; Fujiwara, Y.; Iwase, R.; Ramírez-Llodra, Eva; Menesatti, PaoloArtículo
closedAccessNov-2005Aspects of the distribution, population structure and reproduction of the gastropod Tibia delicatula (Nevill, 1881) inhabiting the oxygen minimum zone of the Oman and Pakistan continental marginsRamírez-Llodra, Eva; Olabarria, CeliaArtículo
closedAccess19-Mar-2013Assessment of phytoplankton communities in a shallow estuary by means of model simulations and hyperspectral dataTorrecilla, Elena; Ramírez-Llodra, Eva; Pons Freixes, Sergi; Piera, JaumeComunicación de congreso
closedAccess1-Oct-2014Benthic fauna in the submarine canyons of the north-western Mediterranean SeaMechó, Ariadna; Ramírez-Llodra, Eva; Aguzzi, Jacopo; Sardà, Francisco; Company, Joan B.Comunicación de congreso
openAccessAdriana_Mecho_INCISE2014.pdf.jpg1-Oct-2014Benthic fauna in the submarine canyons of the north-western Mediterranean SeaMechó, Ariadna; Fernandez-Arcaya, U.; Ramírez-Llodra, Eva; Aguzzi, Jacopo; Sardà, Francisco; Company, Joan B.Presentación
openAccess20-1_ramirez_llodra.pdf.jpgMar-2007Biodiversity and biogeography of hydrothermal vent species: Thirty years of discovery and investigationsRamírez-Llodra, Eva; Shank, T.himothy M.; German, Christopher R.Artículo
openAccess2836.pdf.jpgJun-2011Biodiversity of deep-sea demersal megafauna in western and central Mediterranean basinsTecchio, Samuele; Ramírez-Llodra, Eva; Sardà, Francisco; Company, Joan B.Artículo
closedAccess2010Biodiversity patterns of deep-sea benthic megafauna on western and central Mediterranean basinsTecchio, Samuele; Ramírez-Llodra, Eva; Sardà, Francisco; Company, Joan B.Artículo
closedAccess2010Biogeography, Ecology, and Vulnerability of Chemosynthetic Ecosystems in the Deep SeaBaker, M.C.; Ramírez-Llodra, EvaCapítulo de libro
openAccessjournal.pbio.1001682.pdf.jpgOct-2013Biotic and Human Vulnerability to Projected Changes in Ocean Biogeochemistry over the 21st CenturyMora, Camilo; Ramírez-Llodra, EvaArtículo
closedAccess2013Community composition, distribution and diversity of invertebrates from deep-sea Mediterranean canyons and adjacent slopes (from 850 to 3000 m depth)Mechó, Ariadna; Ramírez-Llodra, Eva; Aguzzi, Jacopo; Company, Joan B.Comunicación de congreso
openAccessS0025315407057311a.pdf.jpgOct-2007Day-night activity rhythm of the cold seep shrimp Alvinocaris stactophila (Caridea: Alvinocarididae) from the Gulf of MexicoAguzzi, Jacopo; Ramírez-Llodra, Eva; Telesnicki, Guy; Camps, MercedesArtículo
closedAccess3-Dec-2012Day-night and internal-tidal activity rhythms in Deep-Sea black cods (Anoplopoma fimbria) and hagfish (Eptatretus sp.) by NEPTUNE video-monitoring at Barkley Canyon (Canada)Doya, C.; Pardo, M.; Aguzzi, Jacopo; Matabos, M.; Company, Joan B.; Costa, Corrado; Menesatti, Paolo; Mihály, Steven; Canals, Miquel; Ramírez-Llodra, EvaPóster
closedAccess20-Feb-2012Deep realm research beyond the census of marine life: a trans-pacific road mapGerman, Christopher R.; Baker, M.C.; Ramírez-Llodra, Eva; Tyler, P.A.Comunicación de congreso
openAccessbg-7-2851-2010.pdf.jpg22-Sep-2010Deep, diverse and definitely different: unique attributes of the world's largest ecosystemRamírez-Llodra, EvaArtículo
openAccessjournal.pone.0011832.pdf.jpgAug-2010Deep-Sea Biodiversity in the Mediterranean Sea: The Known, the Unknown, and the UnknowableDanovaro, Roberto; Company, Joan B.; Corinaldesi, Cinzia; D´Onghia, Gianfranco; Galil, Bella S.; Gambi, Cristina; Gooday, Andrew J.; Lampadariou, N.; Luna, Gian Marco; Morigi, C.; Olu, Karine; Polymenakou, Paraskevi; Ramírez-Llodra, Eva; Sabbatini, Anna; Sardà, Francisco; Sibuet, Myriam; Tselepides, AnastasiosArtículo
openAccess03%20Ramirez_Llodra.pdf.jpgDec-2006Deep-Sea Ecosystems: Pristine Biodiversity Reservoir and Technological ChallengeRamírez-Llodra, Eva; Billett, David S.M.Capítulo de libro
openAccess3353.pdf.jpg4-Aug-2011Deep-Water Chemosynthetic Ecosystem Research during the Census of Marine Life Decade and Beyond: A Proposed Deep-Ocean Road MapGerman, Christopher R.; Ramírez-Llodra, Eva; Baker, M.C.; Tyler, P.A.; ChEss Scientific Steering CommitteeArtículo
closedAccess2012Dinàmica d'Ecosistemes Marins a l'Oceà ProfundCompany, Joan B.; Aguzzi, Jacopo; Ramírez-Llodra, Eva; Sardà, FranciscoMaterial didáctico
closedAccess7-May-2013Dinàmica d’ecosistemes marins a l’oceà profundRamírez-Llodra, Eva; Aguzzi, Jacopo; Company, Joan B.; Tecchio, Samuele; Fernandez-Arcaya, U.; Mechó, Ariadna; García, José A.Material didáctico