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closedAccess11-Jul-1986A multiple sample immunoblotting system (MSIS) for the intrinsic detection of antinuclear autoantibodiesNavarro, Estanislau; Bach-Elias, Montse; Durán, Núria; Puigdomènech, Pere; Palau, JaumeArtículo
openAccessMar-1992Accumulation of cell wall hydroxyproline-rich glycoprotein mRNA is an early event in maize embryo cell differentiationRuiz Ávila, Luis; Burgess, Shirley R.; Stiefel, Virginia; Ludevid, M. Dolors; Puigdomènech, PereArtículo
closedAccessMay-2005Adsorption of recombinant human bone morphogenetic protein rhBMP-2m onto hydroxyapatite.Boix, T.; Gómez-Morales, J.; Torrent-Burgués, J.; Monfort, A.; Puigdomènech, PereArtículo
closedAccess2005Analysis of the melon genome in regions encompassing TIR-NBS-LRR resistance genesVan Leeuwen, H.; García-Mas, Jordi; Coca, María; Puigdomènech, Pere; Monfort, AmparoArtículo
closedAccess2000Benzyl derivatives of 2,1,3-benzo- and benzothieno[3,2-a]thiadiazine 2,2-dioxides: First phosphodiesterase 7 inhibitorsMartinez, Ana; Castro, Ana; Gil, Carmen; Miralpeix, Montserrat; Segarra, Víctor; Doménech, Teresa; Beleta, Jorge; Palacios, José M.; Ryder, Hamish; Miró, Xavier; Bonet, Carles; Casacuberta, Josep M.; Azorín, Ferran; Piña, Benjamín; Puigdomènech, PereArtículo
openAccess2001La biotecnología como ejemploPuigdomènech, PereArtículo
openAccessApr-1996The brown midrib3 (bm3) mutation in maize occurs in the gene encoding caffeic acid O-methyltransferaseVignols, Florence; Rigau, Joan; Torres, M. A.; Capellades, Montserrat; Puigdomènech, PereArtículo
closedAccessAug-1984Characterization of antigenic polypeptides of the RNP, Sm and SS-B nuclear antigens from calf thymusDurán, Núria; Bach-Elias, Montse; Puigdomènech, Pere; Palau, JaumeArtículo
openAccess23-Dec-1988Comparison of different non-isotopic methods for hepatitis B virus detection in human serumCasacuberta, Josep M.; Jardi, R.; Buti, M.; Puigdomènech, Pere; San Segundo, BlancaArtículo
openAccess28-Feb-2006Computational and experimental analysis identifies Arabidopsis genes specifically expressed during early seed developmentBecerra, Cristian; Puigdomènech, Pere; Vicient, Carlos MArtículo
openAccess20-Aug-2011Determination of the melon chloroplast and mitochondrial genome sequences reveals that the largest reported mitochondrial genome in plants contains a significant amount of DNA having a nuclear originRodriguez-Moreno, Luis; Gonzalez, Victor M; Benjak, Andrej; Marti, M. Carmen; Puigdomènech, Pere; Aranda, Miguel A; Garcia-Mas, JordiArtículo
openAccessFeb-1998Developmental and hormonal regulation of genes coding for proline-rich proteins in female inflorescences and kernels of maizeJosé Estanyol, Matilde; Puigdomènech, PereArtículo
closedAccess9-Apr-2001Differential distribution of cAMP-specific phosphodiesterase 7A mRNA in rat brain and peripheral organsMiró, Xavier; Pérez-Torres, Silvia; Palacios, José M.; Puigdomènech, Pere; Mengod Los Arcos, GuadalupeArtículo
openAccessJan-2008Differential distribution of PDE4B splice variant mRNAs in rat brain and the effects of systemic administration of LPS in their expressionReyes-Irisarri, Elisabet; Pérez-Torres, Silvia; Miró, Xavier; Martínez, Emili; Puigdomènech, Pere; Palacios, José M.; Mengod Los Arcos, GuadalupeArtículo
closedAccess9-Jul-2002Differential distribution of PDE4D splice variant mRNAs in rat brain suggests association with specific pathways and presynaptical localizationMiró, Xavier; Pérez-Torres, Silvia; Puigdomènech, Pere; Palacios, José M.; Mengod Los Arcos, GuadalupeArtículo
openAccessAug-1990Expression of a maize cell wall hydroxyproline-rich glycoprotein gene in early leaf and root vascular differentiationStiefel, Virginia; Ruiz-Ávila, Luis; Raz, Regina; Vallés, María Pilar; Gómez, Jordi; Pagès, Montserrat; Martínez-Izquierdo, José Antonio; Ludevid, M. Dolors; Langdale, Jane A.; Nelson, Timothy; Puigdomènech, PereArtículo
openAccessNov-1988Gene expression in developing zea mays embryos: regulation by Abscisic acid of a highly phosphorylated 23- to 25-kD group of proteinsGoday, Adela; Sánchez-Martínez, Demetrio; Gómez, Jordi; Puigdomènech, Pere; Pagès, MontserratArtículo
openAccess28-May-2010Generation of a BAC-based physical map of the melon genomeGonzález, Víctor M.; García-Mas, Jordi; Arús, Pere; Puigdomènech, PereArtículo
openAccess2000Genome fluidity. The case of plantsCasacuberta, Josep M.; Puigdomènech, PereArtículo
openAccess5-Nov-2010Genome-wide BAC-end sequencing of Cucumis melo using two BAC librariesGonzález, Víctor M.; Rodríguez Moreno, Luis; Centeno, Emilio; Benjak, Andrej; García-Mas, Jordi; Puigdomènech, Pere; Aranda, Miguel A.Artículo