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openAccess2002CORAL off-line: an object-oriented tool for optimal control of sewer networksFigueras Jové, Jaume; Cembrano Gennari, Gabriela; Puig Cayuela, Vicenç; Quevedo Casín, Joseba-Jokin; Salamero Sansalvado, María; Marti Marques, JoaquimComunicación de congreso
openAccess2011Decentralised MPC based on a graph partitioning approach applied to the Barcelona drinking water networkOcampo Martínez, Carlos A.; Puig Cayuela, Vicenç; Bovo, SamueleComunicación de congreso
openAccess2009Development of a simulation environment for water drinking networks: application to the Barcelona case studyCaini, Elena; Puig Cayuela, Vicenç; Cembrano Gennari, GabrielaInforme Técnico
openAccess2005First results of predictive control application on water supply and distribution in Santiago - ChileCembrano Gennari, Gabriela; Quevedo Casín, Joseba-Jokin; Puig Cayuela, Vicenç; Pérez, Ramon; Figueras Jové, Jaume; Ramón, Gustavo; Rodríguez, P.; Barnet, Gemma; Casas, Marc; Verdejo, J. M.; Gil García, Alicia; Marti Marques, Joaquim; König Besa, HernánComunicación de congreso
openAccess2002Global control of Barcelona sewerage system for environment protectionCembrano Gennari, Gabriela; Figueras Jové, Jaume; Quevedo Casín, Joseba-Jokin; Puig Cayuela, Vicenç; Salamero Sansalvado, María; Marti Marques, JoaquimComunicación de congreso
openAccess2011Methodology for leakage isolation using pressure sensitivity analysis in water distribution networksPérez, Ramon; Puig Cayuela, Vicenç; Pascual, Josep; Quevedo Casín, Joseba-Jokin; Landeros, Edson; Peralta, AntonioArtículo
openAccess2009Modelling approaches for MPC of large-scale sewage systemsOcampo Martínez, Carlos A.; Puig Cayuela, VicençInforme Técnico
openAccess2003Net-Simulation: combining optimisation and simulation in the textile industrySanfeliu Cortés, Alberto; Puig Cayuela, Vicenç; Guasch Petit, AntoniComunicación de congreso
openAccess2011Tuning of predictive controllers for drinking water networked systemsToro, Rodrigo; Ocampo Martínez, Carlos A.; Logist, Filip; Impe, Jan van; Puig Cayuela, VicençComunicación de congreso