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openAccessPLOS-ONE Tomás Canto pone.0052546-1.pdf.jpg27-Dec-2012Inhibition of the Host Proteasome Facilitates Papaya Ringspot Virus Accumulation and Proteosomal Catalytic Activity Is Modulated by Viral Factor HcProSahana, Nandita; Kaur, Harpreet; Basavaraj; Tena, Fátima ; Rakesh Kumar, Jain; Palukaitis, Peter; Canto, Tomás ; Praveen, ShellyArtículo
closedAccessrestringido.pdf.jpgJan-2012Interference in plant defense and development by nonstructural protein NSs of Groundnut bud necrosis virusGoswami, Suneha; Sahana, Nandita; Pandey, Vanita; Doblas, Paula; Jain, Rakesh Kumar; Palukaitis, Peter; Canto, Tomás ; Praveen, ShellyArtículo
openAccessDec-2014Potato virus Y HCPro localization at distinct, dynamically related and environment-influenced structures in the cell cytoplasmDel Toro, Francisco ; Tena, Fátima ; Tilsner, Jens; Wright, Kathryn M.; Tenllado, Francisco ; Chung, Bong-Nam; Praveen, Shelly; Canto, Tomás Artículo
openAccessMay-2013The influence of cis-acting P1 protein and translational elements on the expression of Potato virus Y HCPro in heterologous systems and its suppression of silencing activityTena, Fátima ; González, Inmaculada; Doblas, Paula; Rodríguez, César; Sahana, Nandita; Kaur, Harpreet; Tenllado, Francisco ; Praveen, Shelly; Canto, Tomás Artículo
embargoedAccessGene 2018.pdf.jpg3-Aug-2018Tomato geminivirus encoded RNAi suppressor protein, AC4 interacts with host AGO4 and precludes viral DNA methylationVinutha, T.; Gaurav, Kumar; Garg, V.; Canto, Tomás ; Palukaitis, Peter; Ramesh, S. V.; Praveen, ShellyArtículo