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RightsIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
openAccess1990Beauty at the LHCPich, Antonio; Prades, Joaquim
closedAccess14-Dec-1992Bounds on a light scalar in two-Higgs-doublet modelsPich, Antonio; Prades, Joaquim; Yepes, Pablo
openAccess2009Chiral low-energy constants from tau dataGonzález-Alonso, Martín; Pich, Antonio; Prades, Joaquim
openAccessJan-2009Chiral low-energy constants L10 and C87 from hadronic τ decaysGonzález-Alonso, Martín; Piedra, Antonio; Prades, Joaquim
openAccess2003Determination of ms and |Vus| from hadronic τ decaysGámiz, Elvira; Prades, Joaquim; Jamin, Matthias; Schwab, Felix; Pich, Antonio
openAccess2008Determination of the chiral couplings L10 and C87 from semileptonic τ decaysGonzález-Alonso, Martín; Pich, Antonio; Prades, Joaquim
openAccess13-May-2005Determination of |V_us| from hadronic tau decaysGámiz, Elvira; Jamin, Matthias; Pich, Antonio; Prades, Joaquim; Schwab, Felix
openAccess2010Duality violation in QCD Sum Rules with the LR correlatorGonzález-Alonso, Martín; Pich, Antonio; Prades, Joaquim
openAccessJul-2005Extraction of ms and |Vus| from Hadronic Tau DecaysGámiz, Elvira; Jamin, Matthias; Pich, Antonio; Prades, Joaquim; Schwab, Felix
openAccessApr-2009From hadronic tau decays to the chiral couplings L_10 and C_87González-Alonso, Martín; Pich, Antonio; Prades, Joaquim
openAccess26-Jan-2007K -> 3π final state interactions at NLO in CHPT and Cabibbo's proposal to measure a(0)-a(2)Gámiz, Elvira; Prades, Joaquim; Scimemi, Ignazio
openAccessJan-2009Obtaining sigma -> gamma gamma Width from Nucleon PolarizabilitiesBernabéu, José; Prades, Joaquim
openAccess1998Perturbative quark mass corrections to the tau hadronic widthPich, Antonio; Prades, Joaquim
openAccess28-Jul-2010Pinched weights and duality violation in QCD sum rules: A critical analysisGonzález-Alonso, Martín; Pich, Antonio; Prades, Joaquim
openAccessMar-1999Strange quark mass dependence of the Tau hadronic WidthPrades, Joaquim; Pich, Antonio
openAccess1999Strange quark mass determination from Cabibbo-suppressed tau decaysPich, Antonio; Prades, Joaquim
openAccessNov-2001Strange quark mass from the invariant mass distribution of Cabibbo-suppressed tau decaysChen, Shaomin; Davier, Michel; Gámiz, Elvira; Höcker, Andreas; Pich, Antonio; Prades, Joaquim
closedAccessApr-2001Strange quark mass from τ decaysDavier, Michel; Chen, Shaomin; Höcker, Andreas; Prades, Joaquim; Pich, Antonio
openAccessJun-2000Tau-decay determination of the strange quark massPich, Antonio; Prades, Joaquim
closedAccess2-Aug-1990The decay η→π0h0 in two-Higgs-doublet models with a light scalarPrades, Joaquim; Pich, Antonio