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closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg30-Aug-2011A modelling study on transmission of the central oscillator in tremor by a motor neuron poolGallego, Juan Álvaro ; Dideriksen, Jakob L.; Farina, Dario; Rocón, Eduardo ; Holobar, Ales; Pons Rovira, José Luis comunicación de congreso
openAccess15-Apr-2013A neuroprosthesis for tremor management through the control of muscle co-contractionGallego, Juan Álvaro ; Rocón, Eduardo ; Belda-Lois, Juan Manuel; Pons Rovira, José Luis artículo
openAccessPons-fncom-09-00114.pdf.jpg17-Sep-2015A predictive model of muscle excitations based on muscle modularity for a large repertoire of human locomotion conditionsGonzalez-Vargas, J.; Sartori, M.; Dosen, S.; Torricelli, D.; Pons Rovira, José Luis ; Farina, D.artículo
openAccesssoft_wearable_robot_gallego_et_al.pdf.jpg2011A Soft Wearable Robot for Tremor Assessment and SuppressionGallego, Juan Álvaro ; Pons Rovira, José Luis comunicación de congreso
openAccessMuceli_2019_J._Neural_Eng._16_026035-1.pdf.jpg2019A thin-film multichannel electrode for muscle recording and stimulation in neuroprosthetics applicationsMuceli, S.; Poppendieck, W.; Hoffmann, K.P.; Dosen, S.; Benito-León, Julián; Barroso, Filipe O.; Pons Rovira, José Luis ; Farina, D.artículo
openAccessBiomed Research Inter. 2014.pdf.jpg2014A tool for balance control training using muscle synergies and multimodal interfacesGaleano, D.; Brunetti, F.; Torricelli, D.; Piazza, D; Pons Rovira, José Luis artículo
openAccessfnbot-13-00020.pdf.jpg2019A Variable Stiffness Actuator Module with Favorable Mass Distribution for a Bio-inspired Biped RobotRodriguez-Cianca, D; Weckx, M.; Jiménez-Fabián, R.; Torricelli, D.; Gonzalez-Vargas, J.; Sanchez-Villamañan, Maria del Carmen; Sartori, M.; Berns, K; Vanderborght, B.; Pons Rovira, José Luis ; Lefeber, D.artículo
openAccessResquin_Adaptive_Art2017.pdf.jpg2017Adaptive hybrid robotic system for rehabilitation of reaching movement after a brain injury: A usability studyResquin, Francisco; Gonzalez-Vargas, J.; Ibáñez Pereda, Jaime  ; Brunetti, F.; Dimbwadyo-Terrer, I.; Carrasco, L.; Alves, S.; Gonzalez-Alted, A.; Gómez-Blanco, A.; Pons Rovira, José Luis artículo
openAccess12984_2016_Article_165.pdf.jpg13-Jun-2016Advances in selective activation of muscles for non-invasive motor neuroprosthesesKoutsou, Aikaterini ; Moreno, Juan Camilo  ; Ama, Antonio J. del; Rocón, Eduardo ; Pons Rovira, José Luis artículo
closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg2013Advances in the Assessment and Suppression of Pathological Tremor in the Framework of TREMOR ProjectGallego, Juan Álvaro ; Rocón, Eduardo ; Pons Rovira, José Luis capítulo de libro
openAccessfrobt-06-00036.pdf.jpg2019An adaptable human-like gait pattern generator derived from a lower limb exoskeletonMendoza-Crespo, R.; Torricelli, Diego; Huegel, J.C.; Gordillo, José Luis; Pons Rovira, José Luis ; Soto, R.artículo
closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpgNov-2015An adaptive control strategy for postural stability using a wearable robotRajasekaran, Vijaykumar; Aranda, Joan; Casals, Alicia; Pons Rovira, José Luis artículo
openAccessgallego_NER2011_final.pdf.jpg2011Analysis of kinematic data in pathological tremor with the Hilbert–Huang transformGallego, Juan Álvaro ; Rocón, Eduardo ; Koutsou, Aikaterini ; Pons Rovira, José Luis comunicación de congreso
openAccessbiomecanica.pdf.jpgMay-2004Aplicación de sensores piezoeléctricos cerámicos a la caracterización biomecánicaMoreno, Juan Camilo  ; Ceres Ruiz, Ramón ; Calderón Estévez, Leopoldo; Pons Rovira, José Luis ; Fernández Lozano, José Francisco  ; Ochoa, Pilar ; Rocón, Eduardo artículo
openAccess2014-Automatic_real-time_monitoring_and_assessment_of_tremor_parameters_in_the_upper_limb_from_orientation_data.pdf.jpg2014Automatic real-time monitoring and assessment of tremor parameters in the upper limb from orientation dataLambrecht, Stefan; Gallego, Juan Álvaro ; Rocón, Eduardo ; Pons Rovira, José Luis artículo
closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg2019Benchmarking Human Likeness of Bipedal Robot Locomotion: State of the Art and Future TrendsTorricelli, Diego; Mizanoor, Rahman S. M.; Lippi, Vittorio; Weckx, M.; Mathijssen, Glenn; Vanderborght, B.; Mergner, Thomas; Lefeber, Dirk; Pons Rovira, José Luis capítulo de libro
closedAccess2009Biologically based design of an actuator system for a knee–ankle–foot orthosisCullell, A.; Moreno, Juan Camilo  ; Rocón, Eduardo ; Forner-Cordero, A.; Pons Rovira, José Luis artículo
closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg2017Boosting the traditional physiotherapist approach for stroke spasticity using a sensorized ankle foot orthosis: A pilot studyTamburella, Federica; Moreno, Juan Camilo  ; Iosa, Marco; Pisotta, Iolanda; Cincotti, Febo; Mattia, Donatella; Pons Rovira, José Luis ; Molinari, Marcoartículo
openAccessgallego_et_al_MEDICON2013_subm.pdf.jpg2014Closed-Loop Modulation of a Notch-Filter Stimulation Strategy for Tremor Management with a NeuroprosthesisGallego, Juan Álvaro ; Rocón, Eduardo ; Belda-Lois, Juan Manuel; Pons Rovira, José Luis comunicación de congreso
closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpgJun-2016Combining dopaminergic facilitation with robot-assisted upper limb therapy in stroke survivorsTran, Duc A.; Pájaro Blázquez, Marta ; Daneault, Jean-Francois; Gallegos, Jaime; Pons Rovira, José Luis ; Fregni, Felipe; Bonato, Paolo; Zafonte, Rossartículo