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openAccessmolecules-19-03744-v2.pdf.jpg24-Mar-2014Atomic model and micelle dynamics of QS-21 saponinPedebos, Conrado; Pol-Fachin, Laércio; Pons, Ramon; Teixeira, Cilâine Verônica; Teixeira, Hugo F.artículo
openAccessCationic Niosomes as Non-Viral Vehicles for.pdf.jpg22-Jan-2019Cationic Niosomes as Non-Viral Vehicles for Nucleic Acids: Challenges and Opportunities in Gene DeliveryGrijalvo, Santiago ; Puras, Gustavo; Zárate, Jon; Sainz-Ramos, Myriam; Qtaish, Nuseibah A. L.; López, Tania; Mashal, Mohamed; Attia, Noha; Díaz, David ; Pons, Ramon; Fernández, Eduardo; Pedraz, Jose Luis; Eritja Casadellà, Ramón artículo
openAccessRP_SoftMatter2014.pdf.jpg28-Dec-2014Characterization and stability of catanionic vesicles formed by pseudo-tetraalkyl surfactant mixturesPucci, Carlotta; Pérez, Lourdes F.; La Mesa, Camillo; Pons, Ramonartículo
openAccessManuscript_Langmuir_RP_2015.pdf.jpg8-Sep-2015Chiral Cyclobutane β-Amino Acid-Based Amphiphiles: Influence of Cis/Trans Stereochemistry on Solution Self-Aggregation and RecognitionSorrenti, Alessandro; Illa, Ona; Pons, Ramon; Ortuño, Rosa Mariaartículo
openAccessRP_BBA2014.pdf.jpg3-Mar-2014Complex rhamnolipid mixture characterization and its influence on DPPC bilayer organizationHaba, Ester; Pinazo, Aurora; Pons, Ramon; Pérez, Lourdes F.; Manresa, A.artículo
openAccessJCIS2016.pdf.jpg1-Jan-2016Cross-linked chitosan/liposome hybrid system for the intestinal delivery of quercetinCaddeo, Carla; Díez-Sales, Octavio; Pons, Ramon; Carbone, C.; Ennas, Guido; Puglisi, Giovanni; Fadda, Anna Maria; Manconi, Mariaartículo
openAccessCOLSUB2015.pdf.jpg1-Jul-2015Effect of fatty acids on self-assembly of soybean lecithin systemsGodoy, César A. ; Valiente, Mercedes; Pons, Ramon; Montalvo, Gemmaartículo
closedAccessrestringido.pdf.jpg11-Sep-2013Extraction, purification and nanoformulation of natural phycocyanin (from Klamath algae) for dermal and deeper soft tissue deliveryCaddeo, Carla; Chessa, Maura; Vassallo, Antonio; Pons, Ramon; Díez-Sales, Octavio; Fadda, Anna Maria; Manconi, Mariaartículo
openAccessCollSurfB2015B.pdf.jpg1-Aug-2015Faceted phospholipid vesicles tailored for the delivery of Santolina insularis essential oil to the skinCastangia, Ines; Manca, Maria Letizia; Caddeo, Carla; Maxia, Andrea; Murgia, Sergio; Pons, Ramon; Demurtas, Davide; Pando, Daniel; Falconieri, Danilo; Péris, José Esteban; Fadda, Anna Maria; Manconi, Mariaartículo
embargoedAccess10-Jun-2019Gemini histidine based surfactants: Characterization; surface properties and biological activityPinazo, Aurora; Pons, Ramon; Bustelo, Marta; Manresa, María Ángeles; Moran, Carmen; Raluy, Miriam; Pérez, Lourdes artículo
openAccessMar-2014Gemini surfactants from natural amino acidsPérez, Lourdes F.; Pinazo, Aurora; Pons, Ramon; Infante, María Rosa artículo
openAccessRP_Langmuir2013.pdf.jpg25-Jun-2013Mixed monolayer of DPPC and lysine-based cationic surfactants: An investigation into the antimicrobial activityColomer, Aurora ; Pérez, Lourdes F.; Pons, Ramon; Infante, María Rosa ; Perez-Clos, Dani; Manresa, Àngels; Espuny, María José; Pinazo, Auroraartículo
closedAccess1-May-2016New cationic vesicles prepared with double chain surfactants from arginine: Role of the hydrophobic group on the antimicrobial activity and cytotoxicityPinazo, Aurora; Petrizelli, V.; Bustelo, M.; Pons, Ramon; Vinardell, María Pilar; Mitjans, Montserrat; Manresa, A.; Pérez, Lourdes F.artículo
openAccessRP_Tetrahedron2013.pdf.jpg30-Jun-2013New chiral polyfunctional cyclobutane derivatives from (-)-verbenone: Possible surfactant behaviourOspina, Jimena; Sorrenti, Alessandro; Illa, Ona; Pons, Ramon; Ortuño, Rosa Mariaartículo
openAccessRSCAdvances2016.pdf.jpg11-Apr-2016Nioplexes encapsulated in supramolecular hybrid biohydrogels as versatile delivery platforms for nucleic acidsGrijalvo, Santiago ; Puras, Gustavo; Zárate, Jon; Pons, Ramon; Pedraz, Jose Luis; Eritja Casadellà, Ramón ; Díaz Díaz, David artículo
openAccessOBC2015_Niosomes.pdf.jpg14-Apr-2015Niosomes based on synthetic cationic lipids for gene delivery: The influence of polar head-groups on the transfection efficiency in HEK-293, ARPE-19 and MSC-D1 cellsOjeda, Edilberto; Puras, Gustavo; Agirre, Mireia; Zárate, Jon; Grijalvo, Santiago ; Pons, Ramon; Eritja Casadellà, Ramón ; Martínez Navarrete, Gema C.; Soto-Sánchez, Cristina; Fernandez, E.; Pedraz, Jose Luisartículo
openAccessNutriosomes, prebiotic delivery systems combining phospholipids, a soluble dextrin and curcumin to counteract intestinal oxidative stress and inf.pdf.jpg28-Jan-2018Nutriosomes: Prebiotic delivery systems combining phospholipids, a soluble dextrin and curcumin to counteract intestinal oxidative stress and inflammationCatalán-Latorre, Ana; Pons, Ramon; Manconi, Mariaartículo
openAccessfaraday2013.pdf.jpg1-Dec-2013Peptide nanofibres as molecular transporters: From self-assembly to in vivo degradationMazza, Mariarosa; Patel, Avnish; Pons, Ramon; Bussy, Cyrill; Kostarelos, Kostasartículo
openAccessRP_CollSurfB_2014.pdf.jpg1-Nov-2014Release of DNA and surfactant from gel particles: The receptor solution effect and the dehydration-hydration aspectsMezei, Amália ; Pons, Ramonartículo
openAccessRP_Langmuir2013B.pdf.jpg26-Nov-2013Structure and phase equilibria of the soybean lecithin/PEG 40 monostearate/water systemMontalvo, Gemma; Pons, Ramon; Zhang, G; Díaz, M.; Valiente, Mercedesartículo