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RightsIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
openAccessSep-2012A Lagrangian study tracing water parcel origins in the Canary Upwelling SystemMason, Evan; Colas, François; Pelegrí, Josep Lluís
closedAccess2010A new buoy for measurement and real time transmission of surface salinitySalvador, Joaquín; Fernández, P.; Julià Brugues, Agustí; Font, Jordi; Pelegrí, Josep Lluís
closedAccess14-Nov-2012A simple diagnostic model for oceanic heat gain during glacial-interglacial cyclesPelegrí, Josep Lluís; Claret, Mariona; de la Fuente, P.; García-Olivares, Antonio
closedAccess26-Nov-2013A simple estuarine model for the Mediterranean Sea during glacial-interglacial cyclesPelegrí, Josep Lluís; Florindo-López, Cristián
openAccess2011A simple metabolic model of glacial-interglacial energy supply to the upper oceanPelegrí, Josep Lluís; Olivella, Roger; García-Olivares, Antonio
closedAccess14-Nov-2012A simple model of the water and salinity tidal cycle in well-mixed estuariesFlorindo-López, Cristián; Pelegrí, Josep Lluís
closedAccess10-Oct-2013Advances in instrumented Lagrangian buoysFernández, P.; Salvador, Joaquín; Font, Jordi; Pelegrí, Josep Lluís; García-Ladona, Emilio
closedAccess2013Advances in instrumented Lagrangian buoysFernández, P.; Salvador, Joaquín; Font, Jordi; Pelegrí, Josep Lluís; García-Ladona, Emilio
closedAccess13-Oct-2010Advective salt transport by the Atlantic equatorial undercurrent and biological implicationsClaret, Mariona; Rodríguez-Marroyo, Rocío; Pelegrí, Josep Lluís
closedAccess15-Jun-2014An improved coastal upwelling index from sea surface temperature using satellite-based approach - The case of the Canary Current upwelling systemBenazzouz, Aïssa; Mordane, Soumia; Orbi, A.; Chagdali, Mohamed; Hilmi, Karim; Atillah, Abderrahman; Pelegrí, Josep Lluís; Demarcq, Hervé
closedAccess14-Nov-2012Analysis of state transitions of the Earth SystemBouzada Táboas, P.; de la Fuente, P.; Canepa, Antonio; García-Olivares, Antonio; Pelegrí, Josep Lluís
openAccess30-Jun-2006Analytic salinity-temperature relations for the upper-thermocline waters of the eastern North Atlantic subtropical gyreMarrero-Díaz, Ángeles; Rodríguez-Santana, Ángel; Machín, Francisco; Pelegrí, Josep Lluís
openAccess2015Anthropogenic CO2 changes in the Equatorial Atlantic OceanFajar, Noelia; Guallart, E. F.; Steinfeldt, R.; Ríos, Aida F.; Pelegrí, Josep Lluís; Pelejero, Carles; Calvo, Eva María; Pérez, Fiz F.
openAccess2001Applicability of T-S algorithms to the Canary Islands regionMarrero-Díaz, Ángeles; Pelegrí, Josep Lluís; Sangrà, P.; Rodríguez-Santana, Ángel
closedAccess2010Application of the Maximum Cross-Correlation technique to sequential ocean thermal imagery in the Cape Blanc regionCastellanos, Paola; Pelegrí, Josep Lluís; Baldwin, D.; Emery, W.J.; Hernández Guerra, Alonso
closedAccess11-Jun-2014Argo-Inferred Velocity Probability Density FunctionsRosell Fieschi, Miquel; Gourrion, Jérôme; Pelegrí, Josep Lluís
closedAccessDec-2009The Canary Eddy Corridor: A major pathway for long-lived eddies in the subtropical North AtlanticSangrà, P.; Pascual, Ananda; Rodríguez-Santana, Ángel; Machín, Francisco; Mason, Evan; McWilliams, James C.; Pelegrí, Josep Lluís; Dong, Changming; Rubio, Anna; Arístegui, Javier, et al
closedAccess3-Dec-2012Changes in water mass distribution and biogeochemical activity between 1993 and 2009 in the eastern tropical South PacificLlanillo, P. J.; Pelegrí, Josep Lluís; Stramma, Lothar; Karstensen, J.
openAccess2001Chlorophyll increase due to internal waves in the shelf-break of Gran Canaria Island (Canary Islands)Sangrà, P.; Basterretxea, Gotzon; Pelegrí, Josep Lluís; Arístegui, Javier
closedAccess2012Circulació OceànicaSánchez-Arcilla, Agustín; Pelegrí, Josep Lluís