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31-Dec-2009Feeding and growth kinetics of the planktotrophic larvae of the spionid polychaete Polydora ciliata (Johnston)Almeda, Rodrigo; Pedersen, Troels Moller; Jakobsen, Hans Henrik; Alcaraz, Miquel; Calbet, Albert; Hansen, Benni WindingArtículo
20-May-2010Larval growth in the dominant polychaete Polydora ciliata is food-limited in a eutrophic Danish estuary (Isefjord)Pedersen, Troels Moller; Almeda, Rodrigo; Fotel, Frank Lech; Jakobsen, Hans Henrik; Mariani, Patrizio; Hansen, Benni WindingArtículo

Showing results 1 to 2 of 2