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RightsIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
openAccess7-Oct-2011A non-standard shear resonator for the matrix characterization of piezoceramics and its validation study by finite element analysisPardo, Lorena; Algueró, M.; Brebøl, Klaus
openAccess19-Nov-2012Anisotropy and dynamic thermal depolarization of 0.96(Bi0.5Na0.5)TiO3 - 0.04 BaTiO3 lead- free piezoceramicsPardo, Lorena; García, Alvaro; Brebøl, Klaus; Mercadelli, Elisa; Galassi, Carmen
openAccess18-Oct-2011Automatic determination of complex constants of piezoelectric lossy materials in the radial modeAlemany, C.; Gonzalez, A. M.; Pardo, Lorena; Jiménez, B.; Carmona, F.; Mendiola, J.
openAccess18-Oct-2011Automatic iterative evaluation of complex material constants in piezoelectric ceramicsAlemany, C.; Pardo, Lorena; Jiménez, B.; Carmona, F.; Mendiola, J.; Gonzalez, A. M.
openAccessOct-1999The characterisation of ferroelectric thin films using nanoindentationAlgueró, M.; Calzada, M. L.; Pardo, Lorena; Bushby, A. J.; Cheng, B. L.; Guiu, F.; Reece, M. J.
openAccessOct-2014Characterization of Nanostructured Phases and Peculiar Phase Transitions in BNBT Lead-Free PiezoceramicsPardo, Lorena; García, Alvaro; Brebøl, Klaus; Mercadelli, Elisa; Galassi, Carmen
openAccessMay-2008Choosing the best geometries for the linear characterization of lossy piezoceramics: Study of the thickness-poled shear platePardo, Lorena; Montero de Espinosa Freijo, Francisco; García, Alvaro; Brebøl, Klaus
closedAccess2004Compositional and structural study of ferroelectric multilayer (Pb,La)TiO3/(Pb,Ca)TiO3 sol-gel thin filmsPoyato, Rosalia; Calzada, M. L.; Pardo, Lorena; García López, J.; Respaldiza, M. A.
openAccessJan-2002Dependencia con el espesor de las propiedades ferroeléctricas de láminas con orientación preferente sobre substratos basados en silicioCalzada, M. L.; Pardo, Lorena; Poyato, Rosalia
closedAccess2013Dielectric constant tunability at microwave frequencies and pyroelectric behavior of lead-free submicrometer-structured (Bi0.5Na0.5)1??xBaxTiO3 ferroelectric ceramicsMartínez, Félix L.; Pardo, Lorena
closedAccess2001Effect of the substrate heterostructure on the texture of lanthanum modified lead titanate thin filmsCalzada, M. L.; Poyato, Rosalia; García López, J.; Respaldiza, M. A.; Ricote, J.; Pardo, Lorena
openAccess7-Oct-2011Enhanced properties for ultrasonic transduction, phase transitions and thermal depoling in 0.96(Bi0.5Na0.5)TiO3-0.04BaTiO3 submicron structured ceramicPardo, Lorena; García, Alvaro; Brebøl, Klaus; Mercadelli, Elisa; Galassi, Carmen
openAccessJun-1998Estudio composicional de láminas delgadas de (Pb, La)TiO3 por espectroscopía de iones retrodispersadosMartín, M. J.; Algueró, M.; Calzada, M. L.; Pardo, Lorena; Silva, M. F. da; Soares, J. C.
openAccessJan-2002Estudio dieléctrico de cerámicas de textura y microestructura controladas con composiciones (SrBi2Nb2O9)(1-x)(Bi3TiNbO9)xMoure, A.; Jiménez, R.; Alemany, C.; Pardo, Lorena
openAccessFeb-2002Evolución microestructural durante la transformación de la estructura pirocloro en perovskita en láminas de (Pb,La)TiO3Algueró, M.; Calzada, M. L.; Pardo, Lorena; Drazic, G.; Kosec, Marija
openAccessMay-2006Ferroelectrics onto silicon prepared by chemical solution deposition methods: from the thin film to the self-assembled systemsCalzada, M. L.; Ricote, J.; Jiménez, Ricardo; Bretos, I.; Ramos, P.; Mendiola, J.; Algueró, M.; Pardo, Lorena
openAccess7-Oct-2011FIELD-INDUCED PHASE TRANSITION AND RELAXOR CHARACTER IN SUBMICRON STRUCTURED LEAD-FREE ( Bi 0.5 Na 0.5 ) 0.94 Ba 0.06 TiO3 PIEZOCERAMICS AT THE MORPHOTROPIC PHASE BOUNDARYPardo, Lorena; Mercadelli, Elisa; García, Alvaro; Brebøl, Klaus; Galassi, Carmen
openAccess29-Sep-2011Impedance measurements for determination of the elastic and piezoelectric coefficients of filmsPardo, Lorena; Jiménez, Ricardo; García, Alvaro; Brebøl, Klaus; Leighton, Glenn; Huang, Zahorong
openAccess13-Oct-2011Influence of the substrate surface on the self-assembly of ferroelectric PbTiO nanostructures obtained by microemulsion assisted Chemical Solution DepositionTorres, María; Alonso, María; Calzada, M. L.; Pardo, Lorena
openAccessOct-1999Influencia del substracto sobre las propiedades ferroeléctricas de láminas delgadas de PTCaJiménez, R.; Mendiola, J.; Poyato, Rosalia; Pardo, Lorena; Alemany, C.