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RightsIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
closedAccess1984Contribution of histones H2A and H2B to the folding of nucleosomal DNAJordano, Juan; Montero, F.; Palacián, Enrique
closedAccess1989Disassembly and reconstitution of yeast 60S ribosomal subunitsNieto, M. Ángela; Hernández, Francisco; Palacián, Enrique
closedAccess5-Aug-1985Dissociation of nucleosomal particles by chemical modification. Equivalence of the two binding sites for H2A.H2B dimersJordano, Juan; Nieto, M. Ángela; Palacián, Enrique
openAccess1984Dissociation of single-stranded DNA from nucleosomes following modification with acetic anhydrideJordano, Juan; Montero, F.; Palacián, Enrique
closedAccess12-Dec-1983Effects of temperature and pH on the regeneration of the amino groups of ovalbumin after modification with citraconic and dimethylmaleic anhydridesNieto, M. Ángela; Palacián, Enrique
closedAccess17-Oct-1986Modification of the amino and hydroxyl groups of lysozyme with carboxylic acid anhydrides: a comparative studyBernad, Antonio; Nieto, M. Ángela; Vioque, Agustín; Palacián, Enrique
openAccess1985Modification of the lysine residues of histones H1 and H5: Effects on structure and on the binding to chromatinJordano, Juan; Barbero, J.L.; Montero, F.; Palacián, Enrique
openAccess1987Pitfalls in the use of carboxylic acid anhydrides for structural studies of nucleoprotein particlesNieto, M. Ángela; Palacián, Enrique
closedAccess15-Dec-1998Preparation and structural characterization of nucleosomal core particles lacking one H2A.H2B dimerEscalera, Santiago de; Nieto, M. Ángela; Palacián, Enrique
openAccess1984Rearrangement of nucleosomal components by modification of histone amino groups. Structural role of lysine residuesJordano, Juan; Montero, F.; Palacián, Enrique
closedAccess1984Relaxation of chromatin structure upon removal of histones H2A and H2BJordano, Juan; Montero, F.; Palacián, Enrique
openAccess1988Structural changes of nucleosomal particles and isolated core-histone octamers induced by chemical modification of lysine residuesNieto, M. Ángela; Palacián, Enrique